Randonneur’s Ramble Notes

The Rando Ramble rides are in the spirit of, but are not official RUSA 

randonneuring events.  Please understand the following related to these rides: 


These are distance rides 100+ miles and are much more about hardiness 

than speed. 

I post them at 15-17mph because they require strength and endurance. 

Depending on altitudes, I ride them at 15 mph or less. You may ride them at any 

speed you like. 


All riders should attempt to be as self-sufficient as possible. 

Be prepared to handle mechanical breakdowns and to manage your own food 

and water intake. 

Routes are designed for food and water breaks every 25-40 miles. 


Your equipment should be reliable and comfortable for long riding. 

These rides will go rain or shine, in warm or cold temps and in light or 


Consider the weather and the length of the ride when packing. Bring extra 

clothes if necessary. 

Bring dependable lighting if there is any chance you might be riding after 



Please arrive at the ride start at least 15 minutes before the posted time 

to be sure you and your gear are ready for a long ride. 



About randoramble

long distance bike rider
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