Baltimore to Chesapeake Beach 200K

 Originally posted by Isaias ODaniell from his blog here:

Plus… because I rode to and from the ride start at Carroll Park on Washington Blvd downtown (as did the only other two riders to take up the challenge, Bob and Tiffany).

Great ride! Lots of protected riding–protected from the wind (for the most part) and protected from the direct sunlight that finally emerged during the return leg.

Besides me, there were two other riders, Bob (of course since he led the ride) and Tiffany (a triathlete who has or will be moving here from Philly). Tiffany did the Chesapeake Beach ride led by Janet G out of Crofton, MD a few months ago–one that I “bonked” on. I thought I remembered her from that ride, but she didn’t remember it until we got into Chesapeake Beach and she recognized the area.

Some of the “highlights” of the ride:

– great scenery along the bay with lots of people visiting the beach area (North Beach, Chesapeake Beach)
– Bob almost got “t-boned” by a deer that leaped out of the woods on to the road missing him by inches. (He’s still probably catching his breath from that near collision.)
– I saved a box tortoise from certain death on the road.

Considering the fairly fast century from Chesapeake City Saturday (considering the weather), I felt pretty good. That is, until I got home. Once home, I felt a bit pukey (nauseous) and the chocolate milks that I had during the ride mixed with Gatorade… well, maybe I should skip the description.

NOTE: I could not remove the stops from this ride file, because of problems on the database end at BiM, so the average speed is about 3 MPH slower than what’s showing here. The clock keeps ticking away even when we stop. During the longest stops (i.e., breaks and lunch), I was able to suspend the cell phone application, so those stops are accounted for.


Route: Elev. Avg: 82 ft
Location: Essex, MD, Elev. Gain: +0 ft
Date: 06/21/09 Up/Downhill: [+7237/-7237]
Time: 05:34 PM Difficulty: 5.0 / 5.0
Weather: Partly Cloudy
  80 F temp; 56% humidity
  81 F heat index; winds WNW 15 mph


Distance: 148.09 miles
Time: 10:03:18
Speed: 14.7 mph
Pace: 4′ 05 /mi
Calories: 7215



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