The 4 Reservoirs Tour

We had lovely weather on sunday for a rolling tour of the Reservoirs. A healthy (for my rides) group of 5 at the start. We paused at the bottom of Dogwood hill looking for Carl at about 8:55-9:00 Alas, he was not to be found. That hill was likely the hardest grade of the day. Good to be done with it while the legs were fresh. We went from 5 riders to 4 when Barry’s spokes took a bite at his rear derailleur (or was it the other way ’round?) He told the rest of us to roll on without him.

Then a few miles later we were 5 again when we intersected with Tom who was looking for us. Good stuff.
We got into an easy “long ride” cruising speed, clearing Lake Liberty and stopping briefly in Finksburg for sugars and ice. Up to and over Prettyboy ducking into (mostly) and out of the cool canopy of the trees. Isaias got a bit ahead of the group as we neared Wally’s for lunch and missed one of the last cues. When Tim and I showed up at Wally’s there was no pink BBC jersey to be found. Isaias texted me that he realized he missed the cue and wasn’t planning on turning back- he’d finish the ride by himself. During lunch I was excited to meet the legendary Greg Conderacci (who rolled in while we were eating) and was amazed that my reputation had proceeded myself- he had been wanting to meet me!

Also, while we were eating, we met Daniel, a Cat 1 racer who was getting his legs back for regular racing. He had had a flat that morning and couldn’t make the ride start so he rode up to Wally’s to find us. So, then we were 5 again.

Down to Prettyboy dam and back up. A long slog for the entirety of Corbett over to Jarrettsville.
… and who’s that crazy man in a pink jersey waving at us from across the interesection? Ha! Isaias and with him- Barry !! Barry had fixed his RD and then bent the space time continuum getting to Jarrettsville before us, meeting Isaias and waiting for us. Now we were 7

The final leg brought us over Loch Raven and back into the Towson ‘burbs. I stopped with Isaias and Tim one more time and that’s when Janet made her move. (I knew she would) She and Tom blew past us foregoing the ice water to be the 1st to finish. Tim and I hauled ourselves up Ruxton, Falls and Lake ave hils, finally cruising back to the start. Good times. Good ride.

Thanks all. -Bob


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