Good Weather? Comin’ right up.

Holtwood Conowingo Loop

I’m excited about this sunday’s Rando Ramble as are others I’ve been talking to. This one rolls out of NE Baltimore and heads straight up to Holtwood PA where we’ll cross the Susquehanna, come down  the eastern coastline and cross over again at Conowingo Dam. I’m embarrassed to admit that after putting a ton of time into mapping this route, I haven’t managed a complete check-out ride yet. Today I rode the first 20 and the last 25 miles of the ride. This thursday I plan to knock out the remaining 60. So, I will be able to clarify any problem cues or inconsistencies by ride time. 

The start is from Lake Montebello here:

Sunday April 4th, 2010. It is 107 miles and it will be hilly. ( is guessing 5700′, but I’d guess it’s more like 7500′)

We head out of the city along Harford and Old Harford rds. There are reasonably wide lanes here and traffic should be at a minimum on sunday morning. This is mostly a long and easy climb. Once we pass Gunpowder St. Park and hang a left on lovely Factory rd the climbing begins in earnest as we head NNE on pleasant Pleasantville rd. But we’ll take it easy. There’s no dropping anyone on these rides. Slow and steady wins the race. I will add more info about the remaining miles up to the river crossing after riding it on Thursday. The last 25 miles begin with more beautiful, but rugged wine country terrain. Yes, it’s hilly. We’ll go through Loch Raven and up the last little annoying climb: Providence rd into Towson. The last 10 miles have a lot of cues, but they’re a fun wiggle through the historic neighborhoods of Stoneleigh and Northwood. We take a couple college roads through Morgan and come out at our start, the Lake.



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2 Responses to Good Weather? Comin’ right up.

  1. jon_baler says:

    Sorry, I will be in TX, but would love to get the route. I am leading an overnight trip to RamJam on May 1, and could use route advice. You’re invited to join us.

  2. NoRacer says:

    A preview of this weekend’s Sunday ride as published by “Rando” Bob Wagner. #cycling

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