Here we go


Yes, I was standing in the middle of the road when I took this shot.
This was possible because there was so little traffic on the bridge
yesterday for my Holtwood Conowingo Loop check-out ride part 2. I
think I met with one car during the entire bridge crossing.

Man, what a great day to go riding. I drove up to NW Bel Air to
intersect with where I left off the ride last monday. No issues on the
way up to the bridge. The climbing continues after the 20 mile mark,
but with fewer of the short sharp stuff. Very pretty roads and good
surfaces including one short (1/2 mile) on Slab rd that is unpaved,
but stable, hard as a rock and downhill.

The next section on the east side of the river was what I was most
concerned about and for good reason- I got lost. The roads back there
are not always signed and not alway good surfaces. I took the time to
find my way back to where I needed to be. Then I simplified my route
through and rode those sections again to be sure they made sense. No
one’s getting lost in Lancaster Co. if I can help it.

The lunch place is nice enough with a picnic table outside and they
are open on Easter till 2PM. After that, it’s mostly downhill to the
Conowingo Dam crossing. I admit I was wary of this crossing, but it’s
not as bad as I thought. You need to stay concentrated on the road
ahead for the entire crossing. There is a lot of visual and aural
distraction. I was passed by 2 cars- both gave me a decent berth.
Unfortunately no space to pull over for sightseeing.

Conowingo rd. back to Bel Air is a long plodding stretch. Big easy
hills, wide shoulder, and not the greatest landscapes. It was a good
10 miles in which you can just space out and ride. Not so bad.

Here’s our spec’s again:

Meet at Lake Montebello, south side. 7:50AM. Push off at exactly 8:10AM

bikely route here:

leave a comment if you have any questions or email me bobwag “at”


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One Response to Here we go

  1. NoRacer says:

    This MD to PA and back century promises to be a great one! C’ya at Montebello, Bob!

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