M2M: more details


Here’s a nice shot of riders from the 2008 Monument to Monument


Sunday is looking like a great weather day for this and the ride has been getting a lot of buzz.

We meet at the southside of the Baltimore Washington Monument. (Charles and Monument sts.) at 7:50 and roll out promptly at 8:10. So, be sure all of your gear (water bottles, lights, tire pressure, brake adjustments, etc.) are all ready in advance. If not, you’ll be stressed out in the morning and might be left behind.

Just to be clear about what this ride is and is not. We are riding almost 100 miles (94.5, actually) round trip to DC and back. The ride is unsupported which means you are responsible for all of your own food, water, sun screen, equipment problem-solving AND you are responsible for yourself if you are unable to finish the ride.

Now that sounds a bit tougher than it really is. Actually, we will have frequent places to stop for water and food (at least every 25 mi) and there will be many friendly riders about who can help if things go awry, but please be prepared for a long day and if you don’t think you’re prepared for it then ride some of the ride with us and loop back up home early.

I will bring 10-15 cuesheets to the ride. There are a lot of turns on this one because we are going through city streets. The cue is 3 pages long. Be sure you have a decent way to mount your cue sheet to your bike so you can easily read it as we go through quick turns on city streets. If you can print your own cue sheet, please do. They can be downloaded here:


We will be stopping for lunch at the Old Post Office in DC. You might consider bringing a bike lock. Really, we only need one lock to share (see below)


Feel free to email me if you’ve got any concerns or questions. See ya Sunday.      -Bob



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One Response to M2M: more details

  1. NoRacer says:

    As well as the other equipment Bob named, you may want to bring lights, too, just in case.

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