BBC Rando Ramble – 06 June, 2010

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Up at 6:30am. Coffee. Dress. Last minute bike prep.

I headed to Canton, but stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop for some extra water.
Became delayed on Boston St by a freight train crossing Boston and then by a young couple who were looking for directions to I-83.

I arrived at Canton–everyone else was there–Bob (ride leader), Charlie, Dave, and Carl.
Next stop, Havre de Grace!

Well, not quite. I had to take a nature break at a Royal Farm Store on Route 40 and Ebenezer Rd. Next stop, Havre de Grace!

Well, not quite. Somehow, we lost Charlie and Dave up by the Bulle Rock community just north of the Havre de Grace town center. After waiting for a while, then back tracking a little, Bob, Carl, and I decide to continue on to Havre de Grace’s Tydings Memorial Park. We were sure we’d find them there. Next stop, Havre de Grace!

Whoops!!! I got separated from Bob and Carl when I missed a right-hand turn off of Revolution St. We were all headed to Tydings Park, so that’s where I found them–Bob, Carl, Dave and Charlie. Next stop, the pub!

At the pub, I had a couple pints of Guinness from the tap and a personal size pizza. I was hungrier than I thought. My brain said no, but the stomach took it all in. The next climb was one of the longer steeper ones on the ride, so I was cautious about having a full stomach, but thankful that I had energy to ride on.

The temps had dropped after lunch as a cold front slipped over the area. We experienced a little rain, but nothing to really take notice of.

From Level Rd, we dropped down into Susquehanna State Park. One could still hear the rain in the trees, but it really wasn’t noteworthy. The five of us meandered around until we popped out at Rt 1, Conowingo Rd. We were above all of the climbing that one usually needs to do if coming from the Conowingo Dam–we did it smaller increments instead of the long continuous ones coming from the dam, which by now, Charlie who was suffering with cramps, I’m sure, was happy about. We regrouped along a ridge line on Harmony Church Rd finally popping out at Ruffs Mill Rd.

A little further ahead on Business Rt 1, we stopped at a convenience store for more fluids (and, I had a Red Bull!) and snacks. (Didn’t we just eat?)

Forest Hill, Jarrettsville, Baldwin, then we dropped south of Jacksonville into the Loch Raven Reservoir. By this time, I was on my own. I waited for the rest at Carroll Manor Park, then after about 15 minutes, I continued down Manor Rd toward the reservoir dropping down to Loch Raven Dr from Morgan Mill Rd. Once at the bottom of the hill. I stopped and sat on a rock while I snacked, changed my cell phone battery, and waited for the other four to show up. Within about ten minutes, I see them approaching. They stopped and rested for a few, before we headed to the dreaded Satyr Hill Rd climb.

Actually, the climb is not so bad. I believe the climb from Warren Rd up Old Bosley Rd is longer and at least as steep. The problem for today would be that we’ve already done over ninety miles and if one were to be suffering from cramps by this time, this hill could be the last nail in the coffin, so to speak.

Reaching Perring Parkway Shopping Center, we stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts for more fluids and munchies. It was getting late and all of the others were headed to the west side of Baltimore and beyond (Bob and Dave to Hampden, Charlie to Catonsville and Carl to Ellicott City). At this point they decided to head southwest and I would head southeast taking my usual work commuting route home.

I made it home with no issues. In fact, I felt very fortunate to not be plagued by any heat problems at all. Time to build on -that- success.


Route: Charm.and.Grace Elev. Avg: 213 ft
Location: Baltimore, Maryland Elev. Gain: +3 ft
Date: 06/06/10 Up/Downhill: [+9937/-9934]
Time: 07:15 AM Difficulty: 4.2 / 5.0



117.33 miles  
Time: 7:53:00
Speed: 14.9 mph  
Pace: 4′ 02 /mi Heart Rate: 127 bpm (Avg)
Calories: 6054 167 bpm (Peak)

Exported the two ride files generated for this ride and combined them into one ride file. I came up with an average speed via spreadsheet–14.9 mph.


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2 Responses to BBC Rando Ramble – 06 June, 2010

  1. tom f says:

    I’m hoping I can make the 7/11 ride. I’ll meet the group at obdervatory. Is that the park where they watch the planes?

  2. The Rando Ramble says:

    I’m amazed to see 9900ft of climbing. Really? As you know, I don’t mind designing rides that happen to have a lot of climbing. However, I am often frustrated trying to truthfully describe the difficulty of a ride to potential riders. Charm and Grace was obviously harder than M2M. I’d call it medium difficulty. But 9900ft. of climb puts it up there with the Holtwood Loop which to me was a very hard ride. Go figure. Maybe I’ll switch to very simple descriptions like: “Easy, Average and Hard” for the future. Any suggestions? -Bob

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