Just a Few More Feet to the Top. Again.

The Four Reservoirs Ride

Last Sunday, I met a friendly and eager group of eight riders at Druid Hill Park ready for the Four Reservoirs Tour. We picked up three more a couple of miles down the road. Half of this group were new faces for me: Carol, Steve, John, Chuck and Mike. The remainder were Ramble regulars Isaias, Tim, Tiffany, Carl and Rod.

Four Reservoirs is a tough ride. Tim described it thus: “It’s a beast, but a benevolent beast.”

There is really only one memorable climb and it’s early on in the ride. Dogwood rd hill with its first 30 feet at a grade of 20% is an abrupt wake up to your system. Then come the little hills, and the medium hills, and more medium hills… and so on, and so on. By the time you’ve made it to the first rest stop, Dogwood is a distant memory. By the time you’ve made it to lunch near Prettyboy Reservoir you’ve forgotten it completely. There are so many climbs on this ride that bikely.com can’t put enough points into the route map to accurately calculate the total. Carol’s Garmin guessed at 7900′ for the whole ride. (bikely said 5000′). 

Most importantly to me is that if you’ve got nice weather, good legs and a friendly group of people to ride with, then the miles pass (almost) as if you were riding flats. I am lucky to have had all three on Sunday. Oh, and did I mention that this ride offers beautiful views of Carroll and Baltimore county’s historic waterways? It does.

This was a great challenge and a great late summer ride. Thanks all. 

The Four Reservoirs Ride

The Four Reservoirs Ride

The Four Reservoirs Ride

The Four Reservoirs Ride

And more pics on the flickr page: Four Reservoirs Tour


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