Point to Point. Sunday October 10th 8:00AM start.

"Point to point" bicycle route The serrated outline of the Chesapeake’s western shore

I’ve had a good September. The Ramble took the month off so that I could bask in the luxury of a couple supported rides, the Indian Head Century and the Back Roads Century. Both were in beautiful terrain, very well administered and less than 2 hours drive from Baltimore. Perfect. 

But, I’m eager to be able to just hop on my bike from home and ride to the start wondering who will be waiting there to ride with me. I’ll find out on Sunday Oct. 10th for the Point to Point ride. I wrote a long ride report after the ride last October when we almost cancelled the ride due to snow! http://randoramble.posterous.com/the-s-word-3

The Point to Point ride is both an easy and difficult ride. The easy is that the terrain is quite flat, but the hard is that there are many rough roads and several trafficky sections. I will guarantee that is will be all worth it. (or your miles back). The ride starts at the gate of Fort McHenry at the end of Fort st. here. I am sincerely annoyed with the park service who after more than a year of construction to the berm around the fort, they are still not allowing bicycles into the park. So, we will have to forgo one of the best views of the harbor at the start. I will be leading the group over to Tide Point nearby for a passable view of our following destinations: Fells Point, and Lazaretto point south of Canton. Past Lazaretto, we’ll see the towering behemoth of Sparrows Point looming in the distance. We go right into the belly of Bethlehem Steel property. This is one of my favorite places to ride. Water on all sides, and the sleeping beasts of Baltimore’s once famous steel industry. From here we head to North Point, one of the most critical staging points for repelling the British navy in 1812. As we move north east, we are constantly ducking around little coves to get out to a big water vista, then doubling back to the main routes. After Rocky point, which separates Middle and Back rivers we will stop for lunch on Barrison point at a very relaxing little family restaurant.

Continuing Northeast after lunch we will find Wilson, Miami, Marshy and Dundee points and a loop around Gunpowder State park for our last grand water view. The home bound route is more rural and old suburban. The roads get rough as we come into Baltimore from the east side, but the views of the city are worth it. The last stretch is through Little Italy and the central business district bringing us back to our start.

The first 1/3 of the ride will feel more like a guided tour. It’s better to follow me than to be constantly checking the cue in Baltimore. But, once we get out to North Point you can feel free to break away from the group. We will mostly stick together though, regrouping if necessary at the stops. (25, 50 and 75 mile points). Parking is safe and easy along Fort ave. Meet up at 7:50, push off at 8:10. See the notes on the map for parking and bathroom options. There is a 62 mile short option for the ride.

Email me if you have any questions about the ride. Hope you can make it.


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