Paved or UnPaved. Take your pick

The Ramble this sunday has two cue sheets to choose from. 

The “paved” route is about a mile longer than the unpaved. 
cue sheet is here: Paved Cue Sheet
The “unpaved” route is peppered with some scenic unpaved roads that are about as rough as the NCR trail- fine for any durable tires 25mm or wider. 
cue for unpaved is here: Un-Paved Cue Sheet

Read the Details in my previous post about the ride and 
I will be at the start at about 7AM

see ya. 



About randoramble

long distance bike rider
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3 Responses to Paved or UnPaved. Take your pick

  1. Ben Bassett says:

    i’ll be there…did trailwork last week.also will be making sure i bring my wallet this time.

  2. The Rando Ramble says:

    Jon, I kept the invite to your Halloween day ride alive in my email inbox for a couple weeks hoping that my schedule might change to make it happen. No such luck. Looks like you had a fun one though. Keep keepin’ me in mind.

  3. Jon Schultz Baler says:

    wish I could be there, but have trailwork.

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