Mmmm…. Pancakes!

The pavement goes away along Sams Creek rd.

If you’ve seen any Bollywood films you’ll know that they can be hard to remember because they contain so many crazy damn subplots.

As I think back on November 14th, I’m having a hard time keeping track of all the things that happened during the Pancake Interception ride. Sure, we all met at Mt. Washington in the morning and rode as a group through the chilly, but sunny weather northwest to Sykesville. We ate delicious pancakes at the Union Bridge Firehouse as planned, did a little bit of digesting while chatting with the numerous other bike riders there, then rode the long way back home crossing the PA/MD line twice and covering many miles of beautiful back roads. But what about…

1. Leaving at 4AM, Ben rides from College Park to the ride start- an extra 35 miles each way.
2. Not all that long after hip surgery Barry decides that this 100 miler will make for a great recovery ride.
3. Bob gets a flat on his brand new “flat-proof” kevlar tire. Later on, Dave gets a flat on his Schwalbe tire, then Dave (#1) gets a flat, then Barry gets a flat.
4. Everyone gets a surprise stretch of off-road riding from the new road construction on Obrecht rd.
5. The group is only a leash and a strong arm away from getting mauled by a psychotic German Shepard in Sykesville.
6. After the bearings on one of his pedals collapses without warning, Ben quickly replaces it with a cheap department store MTB platform pedal finishing the ride with one side clipped in and one side loose.
7. The sun drops below the horizon, but we ride on like happy fools into the darkness, with lights ablaze to finish the ride.
8. New Ramble riders, Denise and Jeff, conquer the Baltimore County hills and finish far ahead of the veteran ramblers.
9. We meet another rider in the late ride darkness who claims he was riding to BWI to pick up his spouse. He also says that he’d given his personal bike to his daughter and that this was the first time he’d ridden this particular bike. Weird.
10. Riding roads with names like “Flickinger”, “Turkeyfoot” and “Harvey Yingling”

Did I miss anything? Thanks for a great day on the bike.
see the rest of the pics here: The Pancake Interception

Next Ramble is Dec, 5th- a loop ride to DC for some Guiness and boxty.


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