Dec. 5th. A visit to DC for Guinness and boxty.


The Mormon Temple framed by Rock Creek Park’s trees.

David H. and I have spoken several times about changing the lunch stop of the Monument to Monument ride to be The Dubliner near Columbus Circle. The reason for this would be so that we could drink a carb-loaded Guinness or two before heading back to B’more. I decided I couldn’t wait till May for that beer, so I’ve gone and tweaked Barry C’s loop route to DC and made it our December ramble. It’s a fun one and it’s called “Good Craic”: A Baltimore to DC bike ride in search of Guinness and boxty.

Details are as follows:
• Start Time: Sunday Dec. 5th (promptly!) at 7:30AM (meet up @7:15)
• Start Location: Carroll Park south corner. (map here) easy parking and bathrooms, but ride there if you can.
• Route: 107 miles. Bikely route map here: Good Craic
• Bring good lights. We WILL be riding after dark.
• There is one short segment of unpaved along the Capitol Crescent trail, otherwise all roads are paved for this ride.
• Download and print a cue sheet here:   Good Craic cuesheet

This ride makes use of a lot of bike trail. We head west out of Baltimore along Frederick rd, drop south getting the less pleasant sections (Clarksville pike, Ednor and Layhill) out of the way in the morning stretch. We hop onto the new Matthew Henson trail taking us to Rock Creek Park and lovely Beach ave. Beach delivers us almost the whole way down to DC and our lunch destination: Fado
The ride home cuts back across the city towards Georgetown and puts us on the Capitol Crescent trail along the water’s edge. The CC trail makes a big arc north and east getting us through Silver Spring. We bisect Laurel and reconnect with the standard M2M route in Elkridge. I will be pushing the pace a bit and keeping the breaks short- we’ve got a lot of ground to cover before sundown.

I can’t honestly tell you that most of this route is beautiful, cause it’s not. (but neither is M2M) However, it does have many lovely woodsy sections, some nice historic wanderings and hey, it’s always cool to ride your bike to DC and back.


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3 Responses to Dec. 5th. A visit to DC for Guinness and boxty.

  1. Dave #1 says:

    I will NOT be wearing shorts, but am looking forward to it. Dave #1

  2. The Rando Ramble says:

    Bob wonders:1. will Ben ride up to Baltimore to ride down to DC and back to Baltimore, then back to DC?2. will Dave#1 still be wearing shorts?

  3. baler says:

    looks like a nice ride, wish I didn’t already have trailwork scheduled.

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