The January Rando Ramble is named simply “to Frederick, on Frederick”.

And that’s pretty much what it is- Baltimore to Frederick on Frederick rd. I’ve given the route a couple of minor deviations, namely using some of Old Frederick, and using the trolley path and Edmondson ave to get back into town (traffic and hills in the dark is no fun). Also, I thought that beginning from Mt. Vernon in the city’s center would be a nice touch. Because this ride is nearly an “out and back” route, any rider can shorten the ride by reversing direction at any time. 

Date: Sunday, January 2nd, 7:30AM  (meet up at 7:20AM and ride promptly at 7:35AM) 
Start: south side of the Washington monument, Baltimore city.  MAP  
Map of route: Bikely  
Cue sheet: toFred_onFred

Riding your bicycle 100 miles in the winter requires preparation and experience. You must have proper clothing, you must have proper lighting and you must have proper equipment. 

These rides go in (almost) all conditions and this time of year you should expect tough riding. 
Email me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!        


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