THE 3 GLENS: a very nice ride indeed.


For every route I’ve got in the bag, there are at least two or three that I’m still fussing over. Some rides are good ideas that I just cannot seem to make work no matter how I rout them. Other routes start as dumb ideas and then all the roads just seem to fall into place and voila! It’s a ride. That’s what happened with The 3 Glens.

Who in their right mind would rout a bike ride exclusively through the counties inbetween Baltimore and Washington DC? When I look at the area on a map I only see suburban sprawl, airports, highways, buisiness districts and super secret government property. What the hey. I gave it a quick sketch an it had some intriguing pathways, so I fiddled some more and a nice scenic route fell into place. Amazing. But, it had a lot of faster traffic roads that I was unfamiliar with. It needed a test ride, so the Coho and I did just that last monday and I was very pleasantly surprised.

The route begins at the Dixon Observatory at BWI airport in Glen Burnie, MD. From there it heads towards Annapolis, but mostly avoiding the B&A trail. Then across scenic stretches of Generals Highway through Bowie and Glenn Dale. The route curves NW along nice parts of the Patuxent valley and through Glenelg. Up through Ellicott City and back to BWI. The busier roads I was most worried about had very wide shoulders making them quite comfortable and then there were great finds like Beaver Dam road (pictured above).

There are many places along the way with convenience stores and bathrooms. There will be planned stops at miles 25, 50 (lunch) and 75. Dress thoughtfully and BRING LIGHTS. 

BTW: I will be leaving from the south corner of Carroll Park in Baltimore at 7AM to ride to the start. Anyone wanting to join in this 200k version of the ride please contact me.

Start Time: Sunday,  February 6th. Meet at 7:50. Push off at 8:05AM
Start Location:
BWI Dixon Observatory parking lot. see map: Dixon start
Ride Length: 102 miles
Map and Cue Sheet: coming soon! (bikely has been pooping out on me. I’ll need to make last minute changes manually)

More pics from my check out ride here: 3 Glens Pre-ride pics


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