Monument to Monument is ON!



Riding into another city via bike is an experience I never get tired of. Heading out of Baltimore through relatively safe and (surprisingly) scenic roads, the Monument to Monument ride is the best city to city ride I know of. This year will be it’s 4th anniversary. The ride is a well-tested 94 mile out-and-back route that is about as flat as any ride can be for this area. There will be riders of all styles and speeds and we do our best to regroup in DC and at the halfway rest stops. 

If you are a resilient rider who can easily handle 50+ mile rides then this is a great century to tackle. However, the ride is UNSUPPORTED, meaning: no sag wagon, no food provided and no fees. You ride at your own risk. You buy your own food at the rests. I will post a cue sheet here (soon) for you to print and use during the ride. You’ll have a lot of riding buddies helping you along the way, but you need to do your best to be self-supported. You will need a dependable bicycle with extra tubes and tools for fixing mechanicals on the road. You should have lights for front and rear to be seen in daytime city traffic and for the possibility of riding after sundown. The ride will move at 13-15 mph. Stops will be restful, but short. 

I encourage you to ride to the start or use MTA, but there is fairly safe parking to be found in the blocks west of the monument off of Monument st.

Start is here:
Meet up at 7:50AM. Push Off at 8:10AM (FIRM)
Cue sheet: (see newest post

If you have any questions or concerns email me bobwag (at) gmail (dot) com
Or comment here on the blog. Hope to see you on May 1st 



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3 Responses to Monument to Monument is ON!

  1. Barry Lowenthal says:

    Bob,   Thanks for the quick reply.  I had just stumbled onto the cue sheet, and will plan on seeing you at the 7-11.  This will cut about 9 mile off of the ride each way for me, which should make it possible for my rookie behind to do the ride!  Just as an FYI, Barbara Carignan turned me on to this ride – I assume you know her.   As of now, plan on me being at the 7-11 when you get there.  I'm looking forward to it. Barry

  2. The Rando Ramble says:

    Hey Barry, Glad you’re thinking about riding with us Cue sheet went up last night. See the newest post here: any of the links don’t work for you please tell me!)Our first rest stop is on Dorsey rd. near Brock Bridge. That might be a good meet up spot. We likely get there a little before 10AM. Or, take a look at the bikely map and meet us sooner. Tell me where you’ll be and we’ll keep a look out for you. -Bob

  3. Barry Lowenthal says:

    Two things – firstly, how soon ’til the cuesheet will be posted? Also, is it OK if I join you partway into the ride (and drop before the finish)? I live in Severn, and I don’t think I’m ready to handle 94 miles…so I’m thinking that I might join you somewhere around Laurel.Thanks!Barry

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