Your Cue Sheet for M2M

I made a couple of changes to the route this year, so I gave M2M a check out ride today. Beautiful weather and the ride was great. I did manage to give myself a nasty sunburn on the way home. I promise to wear sunscreen on Sunday. BTW, the monument is still there.

Here’s the cue:…

Here’s the bikely map:
(click share to download a gpx file)

I will bring 20 or so cue sheets to the ride, however you should print your own if you can.
If you have problems with the link, please tell me.

See ya Sunday


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2 Responses to Your Cue Sheet for M2M

  1. The Rando Ramble says:

    I almost routed that way outbound. Is Annapolis rd really much better? It’s pretty bombed out too and it has more traffic. meh.

  2. NoRacer says:

    Nice changes, Bob.I have a suggestion, though. @Waterview, go left on to Annapolis Rd, right on Daisy Rd, left on Hollins Ferry Rd. Skips the bombed out / rough section of Hollins Ferry.

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