Thirty Thank Yous


The middle group at the base of DC’s Washington monument.

I took a lot of pictures during yesterday’s ride and rather than yammer on with another ride report, I’ll let the photos tell the story. Suffice it to say, it was a great ride: a large and diverse turnout, great weather that turned to a light rain only at the very end, remarkably few mechanical issues, no injuries, many personal best bicycling accomplishments and lots of smiles.

Pictures here: Monument to Monument on Flickr



The first Washington Monument at our start in Baltimore.

If you’ve got a link to your own story or photos, I’d love to post it here. Add it to the comments below.

Next Ramble is in June and will be a ride down the western shore of the bay to Chesapeake Beach and back through Anne Arundel farmland. More info, as always, here on the blog.


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7 Responses to Thirty Thank Yous

  1. The Rando Ramble says:

    as long as I don’t have to shave.

  2. carl says:

    Rando Bob for President !

  3. M2M says:

    Great photography, Rod. Hope the return to DC wasn’t too brutal !

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Bob, A few more photos (same stuff from different angles), and some links to gps tracks here:'re the best! Thanks to all for a great day!-d

  5. The Rando Ramble says:

    and a very nice write up by Nate over at B’more Bikes:…(Bike+Baltimore)

  6. The Rando Ramble says:

    Rod Smith took some great shots, most are of the quicker group.

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