The Chesapeake Beach Ride. Sunday, June 26th


The June century in the Rando Ramble series is headed south to Chesapeake Beach.

There will be two different starts for this one so be sure you understand the details.
1. The 127 mile (200K!) version of the ride starts from the south corner of Carroll Park at Washington and Monroe sts. (parking, water and bathrooms) We will be meeting here at 6:55AM and leaving at 7:05AM. From here we will ride to the 2nd start point at the BWI/Dixon Observatory.
2. The 107 mile version starts HERE at the Dixon Observation area of BWI. (easy parking and bathroom. no water) Riders from earlier start should be arriving by 7:45. We will push off from Dixon Observation/Start2 promptly at 8:10AM

From BWI, the route takes us along mostly shady roads in AA county. The first 1/3 of the ride has a lot of rollers, but nothing too strenuous. Then as we near the western shore of the Chesapeake we’ll be treated to nice views and fewer hills. Lunch is in Chesapeake Beach at Subway sandwiches.

After lunch, we head a bit further south past Brownies Beach then make a right turn into southern MD farm country. There are alternating stretches of small lightly traveled roads and larger faster roads with very wide easy riding shoulders. I have noted several intermediate watering holes on the second half of the ride in case it’s needed. 

Eventually we return to the large lawns and pretty suburban homes south of the airport. Straight up the WB&A road to our 100 mile finish back at Dixon. The Carroll Park riders bounce their way back to Baltimore. We have “official” rest stops at 30, 48 and 75 mile points. There is also an alternate 73 mile short version of the ride which peels off just after our first rest stop.

This ride is average to easy difficulty HOWEVER, beware of the heat. Drink often, Bring large bottles and eat salty foods and take it easy- that what the Rambles are all about.

Cue sheet is here: CHESAPEAKE BEACH RIDE
Bikely map from last year for those interested is here: Balt/Ches_bikely
Last year’s ride report:

Questions? Concerns? Ask away.    -Bob


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3 Responses to The Chesapeake Beach Ride. Sunday, June 26th

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  2. The Rando Ramble says:

    Jeff, Super great seeing/riding with you again. Glad you could make it. I will definitely keep you in mind for future rides south of B’more.

  3. jeff says:

    Thanks for a great route, had a blast! Was able to make it home to complete the one fity. Would like to catch some more long rides so if you have any routes you want to explore I’m just to the south. Always great riding with you.Thanks, Jeff

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