Chesapeake bound

Now that it’s summertime, I expect all of you are in healthy enough shape to handle this Sunday’s ride to Chesapeake Beach.

Remember there will be two starts- the first leaves Carroll Park at 7AM and heads to the second start at BWI Dixon Observatory. All the details are in the previous post HERE

I did not re-ride this route, but I am feeling confident (reckless?) that it is still intact from last year’s ride. The cue sheet is here: CHESAPEAKE BEACH RIDE

For those who use Garmins, etc. you can download the gpx file here:    (click “share” to download file)

The only minor change is that the 1st lunch option is not an option any longer.
PLEASE REMEMBER: hydrate well, wear sunglasses and ample sunscreen.


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One Response to Chesapeake bound

  1. David Hoskins says:

    Bob,Thanks again for organizing and leading a great bike ride. See you soon.Dave 1

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