The BBC Taneytown Picnic Intercept


Druid Hill Park to Taneytown Memorial Park for a bite to eat. 

Here’s what old-school randonneuring is all about- a ride into the country for a picnic lunch. We’ll leave from the Conservatory at the MD Zoo in Baltimore heading north on Park Heights and into the “Velvet Valley”. Then we veer west crossing Reisterstown and over Lake Liberty on the newly completed Deer Park bridge. Passing through Carroll co. farms, we stay south of Westminster and head up Trevanion rd. to the Baltimore Bicycling Club’s summer picnic in Taneytown. 

The picnic is $15/members and $18/non for a wide range of foods. WE MUST REGISTER AND PAY FOR THE PICNIC BEFORE JULY 12. Everyone on the ride is welcome to socialize at the picnic, but to eat you must pay. You can easily find foods in town if you chose. The break in Taneytown will be about an hour. See: for details about the BBC event and how to pay for the picnic foods. 

The route out of town drops south through Union Bridge, then uses a long beautiful stretch of Sams Creek rd. We bear east along Obrecht rd, through Sykesville and take the easy way down into Marriottsville. A climb out of the valley and east on Frederick rd gets us into Ellicott City. We’ll take the trolley trail, Edmondson and Franklintown rd back to our start. 

Date: Sunday, July 17th
Time: Meet at 7:50AM. Push Off at 8:10AM 
Metrics: 106 miles with  6700ft. of climbing
Route Map & gps links:
Cue Sheet:

If you haven’t discovered what the BBC is about, this is a great opportunity. 


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2 Responses to The BBC Taneytown Picnic Intercept

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks John. Had a great time riding with you. Sorry that you were a lone wolf for the ride home. (or, did you intersect with Tiff or John F?)When I got to westchester and the trolley trail it became clear what you were talking about driving up that twisty hill. The trail is just to the left of the road, but it's kinda hard to see. Glad you rerouted fine. See ya on a future ride.  -Bob

  2. John Rohrer says:

    Great ride Bob! I ended up taking westchester , i guess i missed the trolley line but i found my way back to edmonson (phone helped again). There were some hills towards the end! I really liked going thru ellicott city and marriottsville since i used to live in that area when i was a kid!

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