Catching up and What’s Next


Thank you to all who showed for our ramble up to the BBC picnic in Taneytown. The weather was most cooperative for the first half and the scenery was lovely. Knowing that those behind me were quite capable riders, I rode the first half of the route on the fast side with John R and Tiffany. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate when a ride has the right “rhythm”- meaning, a pleasant combination and transition of hills, flats, sun, shade, rural and urban. I really felt like this ride had that vibe. Oh, except for the abrupt surprise of Jasontown rd going to dirt. (thanks for the re-route John). We made it up to the friendly scene of the picnic, gobbled up the fresh local cantaloupe and watermelon and headed back home (in 2 or 3 different bunches). The return home was filled with more pretty stretches, but the sun had warmed up the afternoon air and we needed to take it easier to avoid overheating. Soon enough we were rolling down Franklintown rd and back into town. Another very nice jaunt into the country. 

Our next Ramble is on Sunday, August 7th. We will be riding up to friendly and quaint Havre de Grace.
The ride will be very close to what we rode last year: Charm and Grace

Sunday, August 7th. Meet Up at 7:50AM. Push off at 8:10AM
Start at Canton Park here:     
Metrics: 108 miles with about 6,000ft. of climbing (unfortunately most of it is AFTER lunch)
Final cuesheet to come

Hope to get ya on the ride      -Bob


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2 Responses to Catching up and What’s Next

  1. The Rando Ramble says:

    Hey Isaias, great route up to Holtwood and nice pics. If you think you’ll be riding the August ramble, I’ll remember to bring that Perf. Forte saddle that I don’t need. It’ll cost you one beer. 🙂

  2. Isaias O'Daniell says:

    Nice report, Bob. Sorry for not making it, but I really didn’t have an urge to ride to the picnic.I enjoyed my ride to Holtwood:

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