Rapid Fire Rambles


I love this map

Just a couple weeks ago we were climbing hills in B’more county on 4 Reservoirs. Now we’ve got a ramble that should suit those who don’t ride a gazillion miles a year, who actually have a life outside of biking: The Point to Point ride, a mostly flat survey of the western shores of the upper Chesapeake.

We’ll meet at Fort McHenry (hopefully the feds will let us ride the park this time). From there we skirt the harbor through Canton and Dundalk to Sparrows Pt., north to North Point, Back River, Rocky Pt. and lunch at the quaint Island View restaurant on Barrison Point in Middle River. After a crabcake and a beer we continue rolling north thru Bowleys Quarters, Marshy Pt. and all the way up to Gunpowder State Park. Each time we make our way to the scenic tip of the penninsula and backtrack to the next point. There are a lot of U-turns on this ride, some safe, but trafficky sections along Eastern and North Pt. avenues and lots of water to look at.

Though at time there can be strong head winds, this ride is as flat as any of the Rando Rambles. If you haven’t gotten your century ride in for the year, this is an easy one (I may give it a go on my single speed). Remember though: the weather is always in flux this time of year. Be sure to check the forcast on the day of the ride and to bring appropriate clothing. You will also need lights for darkening conditions. 

If you have any questions about unsupported long distance riding or this monthly series, PLEASE ASK ME!

Date: Sunday, October 23
Start time: Meetup: 7:50AM/Push off: 8:10
Start location: http://tinyurl.com/3tg3dj4
Route map:
Cue sheet: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid…
GPS track:
Point to Point

Next up is The Pancake Interception on Nov. 13th, a great ride out to Union Bridge for breakfast.


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8 Responses to Rapid Fire Rambles

  1. The Rando Ramble says:

    Edward, Riding 100 miles in one day (especially for the first time) should be taken very seriously. There are numerous things to consider, but with determination, most people can do it. Be sure your bike is VERY reliable and that you can carry enough tools and tubes to fix common problems. These rides are “unsupported”, meaning you are responsible for your own food, water, proper clothing, lighting, safety, as well as a method for getting back if something goes wrong. That said, these rides are very friendly adventures and a great way to see the territory. Print your own cue sheet from the link above and have a method of attaching it to your bike. We will make a brief stop at the 25 and 75 mile points and a nice sit down lunch at a local restaurant midway. Search online for advice about riding 100 miles and feel free to ask any questions here on the blog. I hope to see you see you Sunday morning at the Fort. -Bob

  2. Edward Kim says:

    That sounds manageable. This is would be my first long ride. Is there anything to keep in mind? Bring an extra pair of tubes? Food? Water?

  3. The Rando Ramble says:

    This group moves at about 15mph.Generally, we try to keep the rests short. There are many places to short cut this ride if the pace is too quick. -Bob

  4. Edward Kim says:

    What’s the pace like?

  5. The Rando Ramble says:

    Brian,Another rider also alerted me to the Fort ave outage. Apparently the detour on Key Hwy is pretty clear. I’ve heard from other riders who’ve been allowed to ride into the park, but I really don’t know what the official park policy is. You can get a nice view of the other side of the harbor from there. We’ll just have to see what happens.

  6. The Rando Ramble says:

    John, Bummer you can’t make the next ride and exp. the November Pancake ride as it’s got a lot of unpaved sections. Tear it up on the CX courses. Will def. be going to Iron Cross in 2012.

  7. Brian says:

    Rode out to Ft. McHenry this morning – a few things to note:- Fort Avenue is closed about halfway out to the fort for bridge replacement. The sidewalk was open, but not sure how long it will remain that way.- The fort opens at 8am – closed when I went by this morning about 7:30.- The path around the edge of the fort was closed last time I was on the grounds (about a month ago), and looking through the gate it looks like it still is. So I doubt you can ride much beyond the visitors center.Hope to join the ride this coming Sunday – for part or all the ride; Also keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.-Brian

  8. John Rohrer says:

    Arghh! I can’t make to this ride or the next one in november due to cx races! oh well, maybe december!Hey Bob, you should do Iron Cross next year!

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