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If anyone reading this thinks that my lax behavior writing up timely ride reports is in anyway a sign that the Rambles have become routine, THEY ARE TOTALLY WRONG. 

As anyone who’s ridden one of these rides will tell you, EVERY RAMBLE IS AN EPIC RAMBLE. I’m serious. This is the third year I’ve ridden this route. The first year it snowed, the second year, attended by a completely different group of riders, was fast and included a scary crash (no one hurt badly, except maybe the dog). This year the route was the same, but the faces and personal accomplishments were completely new. I’m so glad I get to lead these rides. 

That said, I will be copping out on a detailed ride report this month since we’ve got another ride coming up quick. 

As a replacement you should read Dave’s excitable report here:  bikesncoffee
and look at my pics here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjwGBRML






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