The Pancake Interception



The next Ramble route has become one of my favorite routes in the series and I’m not sure whether it’s because of the beautiful course through Carroll county or because I love eating breakfast. Likely both. The Pancake Interception route was a ride I cobbled together quickly based on a very silly idea- ride a bike to the all-you-can-eat breakfast at the Union Bridge Fire House. Several things about the ride just fell into place: 

• Routing a safe course from Baltimore to Union Bridge wound up being 42 miles and perfect timing for a 10:30AM breakfast. 
• I was finally able to use Sams Creek rd, a handsome old road wandering for almost 10 miles through the nearby river basin. 
• I was able to satisfy my love of unpaved roads with 6 miles of gravel on this ride while at the same time providing easy and scenic detours for anyone who needs to stay on pavement. 

I hope you can ride with us. 

NOTE the earlier start time of 7:30AM (meet up at 7:15)
Long rides in the off season can be wonderful, comfortable affairs however YOU MUST BE PREPARED for weather and temperature changes, for shorter daylight with high quality lighting and by having a mechanically dependable bike. Ask me if you have any questions or concerns about riding self-supported century rides. 


Ride Date: Sunday, Nov. 13th
Start Location: Mt Washington Starbucks. 
Start Time: 7:30AM firm  (meet up at 7:15 or earlier for coffee)
Cue sheets: UNPAVED sections  •  All PAVED roads
Map and metrics: UNPAVED sections •  All PAVED roads
(for gpx and tcx files click “export” tab along right column)




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One Response to The Pancake Interception

  1. jwink3101 says:

    I am really bummed. After a great ride (except for that stupid chain) on the point-to-point, I would love to test my hill climbing with this ride. However, i will be in New Jersey that weekend for a wedding. I’ll wait and see what you have in store December (and let me know if you’re doing anything even sooner)

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