Pylesville Winter Warmer


7400ft. of climbing in 93 miles.


I am headed back to the NE for January. Those who rode the Charm and Grace route in August know that it can get quite hilly in Harford county and this new route is no exception. While Charm and Grace stayed near the water, this route is more northerly, aiming for Delta, PA, but stopping short of the border. We should see a lot of quiet winter farmland, some dark wooded stretches and several river-side roads.

This is a newly developed route and I still need to do some check-out riding. The final details will come soon, but they won’t change the obvious:

1. This is a hilly route. Use the next weeks to find the steepest hills in your neighborhood and ride them. Ride them again the next day… and the next, and the next. (want to ride my one hour Roland Park climbing route with me some evening? just email me)
2. It will be cold in January. Use the next weeks to figure out your long distance cold weather clothing. Work out your layers so you don’t build up sweat and freeze. Figure out how to keep your hands, feet and face warm- not just for an hour, for all day.
3. We have 9 1/2hrs of sunlight for this ride. That is an adequate amount of time to complete this ride IF you are in good shape, you don’t stop long at rests and you have good luck. Slow pokes, long lunchers (I’m one, for sure), or those unlucky riders who get mechanical problems WILL NOT FINISH IN DAYLIGHT. You must bring strong, reliable lighting. If you don’t have it, get it.

The Rambles are “no-drop” rides- we won’t leave you behind. However, if you are ill-prepared for the ride you will not garner much sympathy. That said, there are many new ramblers who, I believe, are ready for a hilly winter ride like this, but please, do not take it lightly. Be prepared.

I think I’ve shaken my finger enough. Are you in?

Date: Sunday, January, 8th
Time: 7:15AM meet-up. 7:30 push-off
Start location: Lake Montebello, parking lot at southwest side. map
Cue Sheet: Pylesville_winter_warmer
(print your own cue or ask me and I’ll print one for you)
Metrics, Map and gpx files: PylesvilleWW_map&GPX





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9 Responses to Pylesville Winter Warmer

  1. The Rando Ramble says:

    Ken, The Pylesville ride is over. If you’re interested in coming to this month’s ride email me at bobwag(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Ken Furman says:

    I am a brand new member (today) and the route sounds great, count me in.

  3. jwink3101 says:

    I decided I am going to give it a shot. I will be able to call for a ride home if it turns out to be too much (or if I have bike issues…You never know with my luck).Of course, I think this will probably feel like a spring warmer seeing as it certainly doesn’t feel like winter (even though it was 18F less than 5 days prior). See you tomorrow

  4. Hoss says:

    I’ll be there. (P.S. Katie says “hi” )Dave

  5. John Rohrer says:

    Bob, I changed my mind. I’m gonna ride with the team sunday instead. Maybe I’ll see ya in february! Have a good ride!

  6. brian p says:

    no can do for family commitments. roll onwards riders..

  7. John says:

    Sounds like fun to me! As long as the temps are above 35 i’ll be there but if it’s colder than that i may start having second thoughts!

  8. spaffodc says:

    I came to the monument to monument ride over the summer, as the school semester has ended, i reckon its a good time to get back on a rando ramble… despite the snow and sub freezing temperatures hahasee you then!

  9. jwink3101 says:

    Hey Bob,This may be a bit too hilly for me but I do not really have to decide until Jan 7th do I? I am certainly up for some hill training. I have done some training in and around Baltimore before but any suggestions are welcome (Bellemore was on the list and not much fun). And, I would happily join you on some training rides. I would love to be able to do the ride and if not, the training is still all for the better.I do not have your email but mine is Justin (at) winokur (dot) us. Let me know when you want to do some rides

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