Cues and Maps links up

After riding the route today and giving it some tweaks, I just updated the details. I had a very nice ride today. I’ll share some important impressions: 

1. the first 15 miles are classic Baltimore- rough roads and lots of debris (particularly glass). No one wants to change a flat in cold weather. Mount your most flat-proof tires. 

2. this ride uses many trails. the weather (currently) seems favorable for the trails to remain clear, but if we get any frozen precip. before the ride, look for a new cue with detours. 

3. the route is definitely not as hilly as last month’s Pylesville ride, but be warned, there are several sections that contain some hard climbs. 

Date: Sunday, February 5th
Time: 7:15 meet up. 7:30 push off.  
Start: Fells Point square Broadway and Thames. map
Cue Sheet: CircumnavBmore
Map/Metrics/GPS: CircumnavRideW/GPS


I hope I see you Sunday.        -Bob



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5 Responses to Cues and Maps links up

  1. bp says:

    looking forward to the write-up. if it appears.

  2. NoRacer says:

    The roads will probably be wet. The temperature will be important.

  3. The Rando Ramble says:

    If the roads are wet in the morning, I’ll take the Kogs which is currently studded. Although I doubt we’ll need them.

  4. NoRacer says:

    Bob, you running studs tomorrow?

  5. Ken Furman says:

    sounds like a great route. I am in,

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