Compliments all around


photo of Jack and Brian by T. Fedewa

Complimenting the Rando Rambles feels a bit like I’m patting myself on the back. Sure, a great day on the bike has a lot to do with the route and these routes have a lot to do with my designing…  What the hell, I’ll take the compliment- this month’s Ramble was a great route. Nonetheless, I’ll continue thinking about new places I’d like to explore on my bike, and figuring out good ways to get there, and, of course, asking other people to come along with me.

Ten riders came out for this 130 miler- a lot fewer than last month’s ride, but still a great showing for a double metric ride. Luckily, we had two competent bloggers who alleviated me of some writing this month. Thank you to Mike, Peter, Tom, Brian, Wenjian and Ken for riding strong and keeping me company. Thank you and good luck to Justin as he prepares for his new life in North Carolina. And, thank you to Jack and Dave for your great writing and photos.

Jack’s blog:
Dave’s blog:

Best    -Bob


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2 Responses to Compliments all around

  1. bp says:

    bit of a late post, but you are right on on this one– this route was the best. everyone on it made it for one of my best days on the bike so far. thank you all!

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