Two Little Rides

The COHO with yet unblemished bar tape cruises down the B&A trail

There will NOT be an official July Ramble. Instead, I’m substituting two little un-official rides. The dates are June 24th and July 15th.

Our first little ride is Sunday, June 24th going to Annapolis to see some of the Race Across America finishes. We will meet at Carroll Park at 9AM. The route down is about 30 miles, two thirds of which is on beautiful bike trails. I will not be pushing the pace (13-15mph) HOWEVER I also will not be stopping on the way down. There is also NO cue sheet but the route is THIS up and back. Once we get to Annapolis you can decide how long you want to stay and who to return with. If the RAAM finishes are exciting, or if I start drinking lots of beer, I could stay for several hours.

Little ride number two will be starting from Glen Rock, PA. at 8:30AM on July 15th. This ride will be a VERY HILLY 65 miler that is mostly dirt road riding. I have been stealing route designs and dirt riding mojo from my friend Andy Hanson for several years now and would like to try out my route as a group ride. These roads vary a bit in condition, but generally they are similar to the crushed gravel of the NCR/Heritage rail trails. (see this month’s header pic above) The biggest difference with these roads is that they are very secluded (ie. no nearby services) and they can be very hard climbing. This ride climbs about 100′ per mile. I recommend riding cyclocross bikes, hard tail MTBs, steel all-rounders or durable hybrid bikes with 32-40mm tires. Maximize your capacity for carrying water. It will be hot. I will have a shortcut available, but there is only one rest stop for the long ride. We end at Glen Rock for a beer and possibly an option for a cookout. (!)

I will give more details about the dirt road ride as we get closer, however, if you’re interested in it, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS NOW.

Take care Ramblers.         -Bob


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13 Responses to Two Little Rides

  1. randoramble says:

    Meet Up is at the corner of Water st. and Main. Near the Glen Rock Mill Tavern. It will be obvious.

  2. randoramble says:

    Today, I gave the “Old Roads Metric Century” route yet another check-out ride. I added many little helpful details to the cue sheet and also changed a section bringing the rest stop a bit sooner. Today was much cooler than recent days and still I ripped through my water supply fast. This is a fantastic route. Also, it’s also a very difficult one. The current version is 64 miles with 6400ft. of climbing. It took me almost 6 1/2 hours to complete it.

    Important stuff:
    1. Bring as much water as you can. There is one rest stop at 39 miles and nothing else nearby.
    2. The best tire for this route would be a 32+mm low tread tire that has good flat prevention.
    3. Ride a stable, comfortable bike with low gearing. I was in my 44/34 often today.
    4. Our rest/lunch stop is a Highs Convenience store. Bring lunch if you need better than that.
    5. I will bring printed cuesheets to the start.
    6. There is a nice way to short the ride to 25 miles. (still difficult, just shorter)
    7. We meet and begin from here, at 8:30AM this sunday, 7/15
    8. We have been invited to the Hansons (fantastic riders, even better people) for an after-ride cookout!
    9. Please EMAIL ME if you are coming to the ride. I can send you GPS files.
    10. Please EMAIL ME if you are coming to the cookout.

    I’m psyched to ride this with company for a change.
    Steve Nobles, have you ridden with me before?

    • Evets Selbon says:

      I have nit yet taken part in your rambles. Have not been able to convince the wife that being rid of me for most of a Sunday is a positive thing. Still trying, though. Maybe this Sunday, maybe on the 29th….

    • Evets Selbon says:

      The link for the starting location (#7 above) brings up a map of Glen Rock, but does not seem to show a specific site for the meet and start point. Am I missing something?

  3. Evets Selbon says:

    The dirt road is only a week away – details coming soon?

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  5. Tom Moore says:

    C&O/Gap is great! esp Credit Card touring, 60 miles a day/5 days

  6. randoramble says:

    Ride to Annapolis Mini Report: Weather was warm, but the morning pace down was nice and easy. Bob, Peter, Mike and Rob at the start, we added Rod and Lenora on the tandem, just outside of town. By the end of the B&A trail we picked up Dave too (two?). He’d been chasing us down the whole morning. We checked out the finish line in Annap., seeing Kurt Searvogel, the fastest American solo RAAM rider, roll in. He looked surprising healthy and lucid for 10 days of almost continuous riding. Incredible to me was that he’d completed a 200 mile MTB race one week before starting RAAM (he came in 9th). We left the finish line and headed over to the tavern for some grub, (several) beers and great conversation. My return ride with Peter was brisk. Great people-watching on the B&A and BWI trails. A great sunday ride. Thanks all.

  7. randoramble says:

    C&O/GAP ride is not (yet) on my bucket list. Charlie Murphy did it several years back. I expect that the route could be a fantastic experience, I’ve also heard that with the wrong weather, it can be a muddy, rutted mess.

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  9. Tom Moore says:

    Interested in July ride, keep me posted. This Sunday I am probably going to a talk on the history of rum.

    • Carl says:

      Hey Bob,
      I’m thinking about attempting to ride the entire C & O canal 185 miles . Any interest?

    • bikesncoffee says:

      I’ve had that on my to-do list for a long time – more interested in a multi-day thing with some camping. Not sure what you’re thinking, but it would be awesome to get a group together for that.

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