The September 9th Ramble is Good Craic

Along the lovely Matthew Henson Trail during Good Craic 2011

I gave Good Craic: A ride to DC for Guinness and boxty, many miles of new routing this year. It’s a few miles shorter, uses even more of the DC trail system, moves through downtown more efficiently and, I believe,  is on safer roads. I gave the new route a test ride last week and was amazed at how different it felt than the Monument to Monument ride. So, I’m offering this one sooner in the year than I had first planned.

Good Craic was inspired by Barry Childress and his challenge to design multiple safe bike routes between Baltimore and DC. We leave west out of the city, skirting Columbia to the north and west. Near Olney we hook into the DC trail system on the Henson and Rock Creek trails. Beach ave is closed to auto traffic on weekends, so that and 14th st become our approach to downtown. As per tradition, lunch is at Fado, Irish pub. After a Guinness (or 2) we roll north up to College Park, using the Anacostia and Paint Branch trails. A brief overlap with the Monument2Monument route around Laurel, then into Charm city via Brooklyn.


  • Date/Time- Sunday, September 9th. 7:50AM meetup. 8:10 pushoff
  • Start- Carroll Park (southeast corner) SEE MAP
  • Cue sheet- Good Craic Cue Sheet
  • GPS files/Map- Good Craic Map (click ‘Export’ tab for gps files)
  • 102.3 miles. 5500ft. of climbing (mostly in 1st the half)
  • 2010 and 2011 ride reports Good Craic Reports

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20 Responses to The September 9th Ramble is Good Craic

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  2. carl says:

    Hey Bob!
    Thanks again for the ride. It was quite ‘exciting’ & challenging.
    As always , it was great seeing some new Ramblers along with the familiar faces on the ride today.
    I hope everyone enjoyed the ride & made it home safe & sound.

    So many Rambles I’ve ridden , rode another one today
    Bob said there is good Craic in D.C., so we headed down that way
    I think that any ridin’ is good ridin’
    So I took 14th street North West
    Then I looked at Bob with big round eyes
    And said

    I ain’t never seen nothin’ like this
    B-B-B-Bob, I ain’t never seen nothin’ like this
    This’s some shit I’m never gonna forget
    B-B-B-Bob, I ain’t never seen nothin’ like this

  3. Charlie says:

    Mike: not looking good for me at this time. It’s gonna be tough for you riding this after CWC, doable but hard. This ride is a lot easier than the CWC and the beer, better:)

  4. Mike H. says:

    @Charlie and Carl: Assuming I don’t wreck my legs on Sat at the CWC, I am planning to be at the Old Mill cafe in EC a bit after 8 on Sunday for some pre-ride sustenance.

  5. randoramble says:

    Sumo, This ride is all paved roads and paths. You say you’ve never ridden a century. What long rides have you done this year?

  6. Sumo says:

    Hi Randoramble,

    It is great to come across your ride. I have never done a century but I would love to join you guys this weekend (weather permitting). Just wondering, this is a ‘road bike’ ride right? It is all on paved roads/paths/trails? Thank you!

  7. Charlie says:

    Hey all: Frederick rd will be closed due to Catonsville Arts Festival that day. Festival starts at 10 so I am guessing it will be closed earlier. Not certain at what time they will close it. May want to re-route: Frederick rd, right onto Overbrook(at city county line), left on Edmondson, left on Old Frederick rd(at circle), right onto Frederick rd.
    @Bob, not going away this wknd, might join you but still up in the air.

    • randoramble says:

      Wow, thanks for the inside scoop, Charlie. What are the chances that the streets are closed, but clear enough that we could cruise through? I’ve never been to that festival. Booths on both sides of the street? Electric lines across the road? -B

    • Charlie says:

      The festival is both sides, street closed down. However you’ll be riding before the crowds come. The roads will have baricades and you probably can squeeze around them, might have to walk through . Not looking good for me for Sundays ride.

  8. Ryan says:

    Been eyeing the site and looking for the opportunity to hop on one of these rambles for a while, managed to get off work this Sunday so I’ll be there. Really looking forward to this.

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  10. carl says:

    Bob, I’m planning on joining you in Ellicott city as the route passes within 1 mile of my house (weather permitting) then bailing out on the BWI trail @ Dorsey head back home!

  11. Ken says:

    Gonna do my best to make it. Missed last ride so did 151miles by myself last week. You guys meeting for breakfast usual place ? If so what time?

  12. randoramble says:

    … and DC Rand’s Civil War Tour is the day before.
    That Indian Head is a great ride, but too far for me to drive. I’ve gotten spoiled starting my rides from the back door.

  13. Tom Moore says:

    Sunday September 9th is also the Indian head Century. I will do either it or your ride.

  14. randoramble says:

    I’d be up for it if I didn’t work on Saturday. Enjoy the CWC, Mike.

  15. Mike H. says:

    Civil War Century on Sat, ride to DC on Sunday? Might be worth the challenge.

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