Guinness, For Strength!

It’s century season and there were a lot of long distance riders on the road this weekend. Most of those I knew were up near Gettysburg riding with BBC or DC Rando. Those riders apparently got quite a drenching in the afternoon. On Sunday, nine riders decided to ride this month’s Ramble to DC along with me and for that I’m grateful.

The weather was just fantastic. I love riding with an eclectic mix of people and encouraging everyone to enjoy the social breaks at lunch and rest stops. We had our Ramble-regulars, our newbs, some pokey riders, some fast, fat , medium and skinny tires, carbon and steel, and our one, two and no-beer lunchers.

The numerous trails in and out of DC were super fun to cruise. (I’m glad I brought my bell!), but made for a lot of cue confusion. No worries, everyone made it through without issue.

A great day of riding. Thanks Ramblers. Lots more pics here: Good Craic Pics

Also a nice write-up over at bikes’n’coffee


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