Did someone say pancakes?

Dave and Dave at Union Bridge Fire House in 2011

Dave and Dave at Union Bridge Fire House in 2011

Our next Ramble will be Sunday, January 13th: The Pancake Interception.

During the winter months the Union Bridge Fire House offers a public breakfast on 2nd Sundays of the month. That’s where we’re headed.

To those new to the Rambles:
1. This is a 100 mile, cold weather ride with ample climbing. Please ride with us only if you are experienced and properly prepared.
2. Assume you will be riding some part of this in darkness.  Bring strong, reliable lighting.
3. This ride has several 1-2 mile sections of hard-packed, unpaved road on it.

To those familiar with the Rambles, there are some important changes:
1. We will be heading out 30 minutes earlier at 7:30AM
2. Bring $7 cash for the breakfast. (note: this is the only place to get food in town)
3. Breakfast is at mile 44. I may, or may not stop briefly at the Highs at mile 21.

 The Pancake Intercept is a good cold weather ride. The 7200′ of climbing will keep us warm and the wooded roads should keep us sheltered from cold breezes. I’m planning on a slow and steady pace, hoping to get all the way to Union Bridge without a break. The first section after breakfast is also long- 35 miles. If we can get through these two parts without any issues, we’ll be able to get home before darkness. The first half of the route contains a small change since last year, but still has all of Sam’s Creek Rd, one of the nicest riding roads in 5 counties. The second half of the route is significantly different from 2011, but has a great flow to it. I think we’ll have a lot of fun.


Print your own cue or email me and I’ll bring a copy for you. I’m happy to help routing if you want a shortcut or want to pick up the ride after the start. Questions? 


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18 Responses to Did someone say pancakes?

  1. jon posner says:

    this ain’t gonna be no cold weather ride folks….

  2. wheels2heels says:

    Wheels2Heels should display as Harry C

  3. wheels2heels says:

    I may choose the BBC ride out of O Ridge, not sure my training is sufficient or injury prepared for a loooong day.

  4. Brian says:

    Hello, would like to ride Sunday, me and a couple other. I don’t have a touring bike yet. Noticed in the description there is unpaved roads, is there a lot of that, and is it by chance hard-packed? Would have to bring my race bike with 23mm tires. Workable if I take it easy on the unpaved stuff? Thanks.

    • Bob Wagner says:

      Hi Brian. Glad you’re interested.
      23mm tires are “workable” on what we’re riding, but they are very susceptible to flats on unpaved road. What long distance rides have you and your friends ridden recently?

    • Brian Wojcik says:

      Hi Bob,

      Good to hear they’re workable. We’re not century riders per se, when we ride every week, some road, some mountain. Road ride – it’s 20-30 miles usually, in and around Ellicott City /Catonsville – so we’re familiar with elevation. But have done long distance rides such as “tour dem parks” last summer (I did 92 miles that day on my race bike), and are avid mountain bikers too.

      We may intercept someplace, maybe not the starting location. Will coordinate with them; likely 3-4 of us.

      How many do you expect Sunday?



    • Bob Wagner says:

      Sounds like you’ve got experience and that’s good. As much as I like seeing new faces on our rides, I would not recommend a hilly January century as a longest ride of the year. However, if you all have dependable bikes, good lighting, proper clothing and you’re game for a long day in the saddle, then we are eager to have you in the group. Keep me in the loop about where to look for you. -Bob

    • Brian Wojcik says:

      Hi Bob,

      Looks like three of us. Two of will start in Elkridge, meet up with another in Ellicott City and will depart there at 7:30am to meet at the starting point (I think). Weather looks to be perfect.



  5. wheels2heels says:

    I’m planning on it. My Trek 520 needs work, not sure it will be ready by then. Seems like a STEEL bike ride.

  6. randoramble says:

    A big thank you to Roger Knable for noticing two errors on on the cue sheet- one important. At 85.5 miles, the turn is a Right @T. (oops) I will mention it at the start and adjust the cue tonight.

  7. Mike H. says:

    There won’t be a problem parking in that lot all day will there?

  8. Ken says:

    I am planning on coming.

  9. Bob:

    My goal in 2013 is to join you on several rides. I can not make the January ride because of a scheduled procedure to relieve a pinched nerve in my left hand (Jan 10th). It’s no big deal but will keep me off the bike for awhile.

    Happy New Year,


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  11. Jack says:

    I’ll be in Florida working on my tan! Bummer! Glad you are back to tempting me to ride far and eat pancakes again.

  12. nockinon7sdoor says:

    Glad to see you are back in the saddle!!

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