Keep it simple, stupid.

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Next Ramble will be a February 3rd ride to Frederick, MD.

The first time I rode to Frederick on Frederick Rd. I didn’t use a cue sheet. It seemed ridiculous to bring one. I got lost and my friend Josh accidentally rode his bike up onto Interstate 70.

I use a cue sheet now.

Even so, this route is about as simple as it gets and that makes it a great winter route. Mostly, you just get yourself on the right road, put your head down and turn those pedals. If you do happen to look around while you’re riding you might be surprised how scenic the ride is. It is also hilly. No steep climbs, but Frederick Rd. is a constant roller coaster all the way out. After lunch, we do it all again in reverse.


  • Date/Time- Sunday, February 3rd. 7:15 meet up. 7:30 push off
  • Start- Carroll Park south east corner MAP
  • Cue sheet- To Fred Cue
  • GPS files/Map- RWGPSFrederick
  • 92 miles. 6800′ of climbing.
  • 2011 ride report RR_Frederick

Print your own cue or email me and I’ll bring a copy for you. I’m happy to help routing if you want a shortcut or want to pick up the ride after the start. Please contact me if you are interested in riding, but do not have prior experience riding long distance in winter. 



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26 Responses to Keep it simple, stupid.

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  2. Mike H. says:

    Ride today was chilly at times, but the roads were good. Frozen water bottles were a bit of an issue. I got to hop off in C’ville a bit early and I hope everyone made it home safely.

  3. Ryan says:

    I was a little late heading out of Columbia and never caught up to the group, but I only got to West Friendship before bailing out and turning around. Even with gloves, chemical warmers, and bar mitts, the pain in my hands still ended up to be a deal breaker unfortunately. Kudos to those who made it to Frederick.

    Enjoy the game tonight! Hope to see you in March!

  4. randoramble says:

    Six riders are rolling to Frederick. Hell yeah! I just left Carroll Park after watching Isaias, Pedro, PJ, Brian T., Dave Hops and Mike H. roll off to Frederick Rd. I had brought coffee and muffins, and we had a little tail-gate party on the back of the Nova. Enjoy that beer at Brewer’s Alley, gentlemen.

    • Charlie says:

      Damn! You guys are tough. I was at the bakery in Catonsville and a guy said he saw a bunch of cyclist early this morning….must have been you guys. Very Impressive. Looks like the weather improve…somewhat. But just to start the ride this morning is amazing. Well done.

  5. Jack says:

    Got 6 miles down Charles Street and decided there was too much snow on the roads for my comfort zone (wah wah wah…) Anyone who completes this ride today is a braver soul than me!

  6. Bob Wagner says:

    Well, personally, I’m still a non-riding puppy. Wrist/hand luckily do not require surgery, but I’ve gotta leave things alone for a bit longer. Maybe some commuting in a couple weeks.

    As far as tomorrow goes, Me and my ’64 Nova will be at Carroll Park at 7:15 to support anyone who’s wanting to get a ride in. If I wasn’t injured, you know I’d be on the bike. Or, at least starting and seeing what the weather brings. You all will have to make the call on weather/road conditions and whether (or, how far) to ride by yourselves.

  7. Isaias says:

    SITREP REQUEST – what’s your status, Bob?

  8. Sumo says:

    Hi, I have been following your blog for a month or so and it is awesome you do these rides. I am not an experienced long distance winter rider. I can do 60-70 miles, but never tired more than that. Will you be going thru downtown Ellicott City (Main St) at at approximately what time? If so, I can can join you as you pass by so that I can keep the distance within my abilities. Thank you.

    • Bob Wagner says:

      Hi Sumo. Glad you’re interested in the Rambles. This route is probably a decent starter for a budding century rider cause you can turn around and shortcut the route anywhere along the way. Things to be sure youve got: lights (good ones, rear and front). smart clothing (2 or 3 layers- wicking base, insulation, shell. & protection for head hands and feet). dependable, comfortable bike and ability to fix flats and other minor probs on the road. And, either the fitness or the spunk to ride 80 miles of rollers at 13+ mph. I’d expect the group to roll up Ellicott City main st around 8:20

    • Sumo says:

      Hi Bob! Thanks for the info. If I am able to make it, I will make sure I am in Ellicott City by 8 am just past the bridge so I can’t miss you guys. If I can’t make it, I look forward to joining you on your future rambles.

    • jon baler says:

      sumo, 3 of us meeting the group by the clock in EC (across from the phoenix)

      jon baler

    • Sumo says:

      Hi Jon,

      I have to regretfully sit this one out due to the possibility of the roads being a little iffy tomorrow. I am not experienced enough when dealing with the possibility of riding on snow/icy roads (however minimal that might be). I will look forward to the next ramble and happy riding.


    • jon baler says:

      Yeah, we’re out too. Mountain biking looks too good today to pass up for snow filled shoulders…

  9. randoramble says:

    While commuting in last thursday’s snow, I took a spill and injured my hand and wrist. Im in a splint right now awaiting an appt from a hand specialist. Preliminarily, it looks like there are a few breaks. At best, I’m looking at being able to meet everyone at the start and ride a few miles. Follow Dave, PJ and Mike, don’t follow Isaias and you’ll be fine. -annoyed rambler

  10. randoramble says:

    great to have you back for another long ride. sure, jumping into the route near your house would be fine. currently, the lunch stop is Beans and Bagels, a little coffee house/deli on Patrick st. I think its a nice place for a sandwich, but it’s nothing real special. If mike convinces others to go for a brew at brewers alley, that’s fine too. you all will have to decide amongst yourselves because… (see next comment)

  11. Mike H says:

    Might I suggest an alternative lunch stop for those who might be extra thirsty:

  12. Larry black says:

    Not too long a shot-
    The feedneck ride goes right near my home and I wondered if I can hook up
    I’m just off 144 a mile east of Lisbon
    This way I won’t need to motor over to the start

  13. randoramble says:

    No problem. Home before 5PM

  14. Jack says:

    Looks great, and I think I can actually make this one! The one question I’m guessing that many people will ask: will we be home in time to collapse on the couch for the great national American holiday of The Superbowl?

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