Point to point X 12

cropped-4026685312_107c3bbd01_b.jpgCheck out our header pic. That’s the rugged and wondrous Sparrows Point from a very chilly October many years back.

I doubt we’ll have that weather this Sunday (it snowed), but be ready for the rugged and wondrous. Point to Point is one of the oldest Rambles (along with Monument to Monument). I did some tweaking this year, but it’s basically the same. We start at Fort McHenry (Locust Point) and then ride generally NE to visit 11 more peninsulas along the western Chesapeake shore.

This ride has scenery that is unlike any other Ramble- it will hopefully give you a sense of the deep commercial history of Baltimore, but the roads can be rough and/or trafficky. The good news is that there is very little climbing and we always stick together so, if you’re reasonably prepared, you’re as good as gold. Point to Point is a very good first century AND it’s a great way to give yourself a spring check-out for Monument to Monument next month on May 5th.

Bring the details, Bob:


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4 Responses to Point to point X 12

  1. Boson says:

    hey bob, I’ve since moved to DC and I’ve decided that I’m going take the amtrak up sunday morning with my bike friday pocket rocket and ride down to dc with you guys… not sure if I’ll be in good enough shape to ride back.

  2. Jon BALER says:

    Bill and I are planning to ride. Likely meet you at the inner harbor to allow a little more sleep, since we are riding in from Elkridge and Ellicott City, respectively.

  3. Planning to be there at some point, no pun intended.

  4. Bob Wagner says:

    2 BTW’s:
    I will be riding this Sunday and I’m very excited about it. FINALLY!
    There is a nice and easy shortcut on this route. It is basically a backtrack and it’s after lunch.

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