How to ride M2M right

• The type of bike you ride
• The width of your tires
• Your bike’s gearing
• How you look
• Riding fast
• Finishing in a certain amount of time
• Thinking you’ll get left behind
• Blowing through intersections to keep up with the group
• Announcing “clear” at intersections
• Pace lines

• Riding a dependable, familiar bike
• Flat resistant tires
• Lights w/fully charged batteries
• Recent experience riding a 4hr/50mile ride
• Bike, clothing and supplies are ready the night before.
• Concentrating on the road around you at all times while riding
• Riding at your own steady, even pace
• Keeping your time off the bike as short as possible
• Having a cue sheet and a cell phone (I will bring cue sheets at the start)
• Helping out other riders who may need it.
• Respecting drivers, pedestrians and road laws
• Assessing intersections for yourself
• Pointing out hazards to other cyclists
• Having a way of getting home if a problem forces you to not finish


Boson Au @ Monument photo by Larsisus

About randoramble

long distance bike rider
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