BIG THANKS! Monument Riders


What we came for.

Thanks for the new header pic. From the photos I took at the start, I’m guessing we had about 55 leave from Mt. Vernon. And, there had to have been at least another 15 who joined us along the way.

That’s a lot. A lot of riders who rode a lot of miles; on slick carbon bikes and classic steel, with sneakers and baggy shorts or racing kits, snacking on gels or on cheap beer, guided by GPS or paper or nothing at all, riding alone or in bike clubs, with decades of experience or only a few weeks, with fitness to spare or just enough to finish; chatting, smiling and helping each other ride a long way home. Very cool.

I encourage all of you to keep up the momentum. Don’t make this the only Ramble you ride this year. We have adventures on bikes all year round.

If you have pics, ride reports or links to other public sites, please share them here

• My pics: M2M2013
• Meghansmind
• DC Rand riders, Mary & Ed bumped into our ride along the Nat’l Mall HERE
• several riders were using the hash tag #bikem2m yesterday on twitter
• One of the riders from the DC start group took pics flickr
• some nice shots on MeetUp Biking in Bmore
• PJ’s pics: M2Mflickr
• DC rider, rootchopper’s account on his blog and his pics on flickr
• Dave’s blog BikesN Coffee and flickr pics
• Emily’s blog HERE
• PortaJohn’s blog. A great ride report. Here




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14 Responses to BIG THANKS! Monument Riders

  1. Charlie says:

    Excellent as always. i really enjoy running sweep on this ride because the proudest ramblers are in this group. They amaze themselves that they rode all the way to the monument. The “baddest” rambler of the day goes to Jack, 75 year old cyclist finishing his 2nd century ever. And he wasn’t in the back of the pack either. Kudos Jack. PJ and Dave have pix of him.

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  3. portajohn says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Bob – I’m so happy we ran up to Baltimore from DC on the reverse loop.

  4. Carol says:

    Thanks Bob!!!

  5. bikesncoffee says:

    Thanks to you for getting it all started! Great day.

  6. We had a great time doing the ride in reverse from DC. Good catching up with you for a few moments in Laurel there! The chipwich from the 7-11 in Jessup on the way home was delicious.

  7. carl says:

    Hey Bob & fellow M2M’rs thanks for another great ramble!
    BTW.Meghan’s Mind – helmets ARE required on BBC rides. Bob ,perhaps you should remind folks of that fact & add helmets to the how to ride the M2M ride right list next year, as I saw 4 or 5 folks w/o them:-(

  8. randoramble says:

    Great pics, PJ. Thanks. Tom, we missed you. Meghan, I had no idea you started well after the group left and then played catch-up almost all the way to DC.

  9. Tom J Fedewa says:

    Awesome pics, Bob!!!! Looks like another great Ramble.

  10. I had a great time and look forward to doing more rides with y’all! 🙂

  11. patrick says:

    Great route, Bob; great ride, everyone. That was a fantastic way to spend a Spring Sunday.

  12. PJ Duhig says:

    Thanks again for coordinating, Bob. A link to a few more pictures…

  13. Eli says:

    Thanks for leading the ride, was lots of fun. What are your thoughts on copying pics into facebook so they can be tagged?

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