Back around to where we started

Climbing Deer Park  rd. through Soldiers Delight

Climbing Deer Park rd. through Soldiers Delight

I trust everyone who rode with us last month enjoyed/challenged/surprised/sated themselves on Monument to Monument. Wasn’t that a cool trip on a bike? As much as I want to explore all the other places we go on bikes, I often think to myself: “hmm, maybe we should just go back to DC”. Anyway, I’m glad you came on the ride with us. Ready for more?

We will not be going back to DC this month. In fact, we are barely even leaving Baltimore. We’ll be going around it actually, traveling a nice big compass circle that will circumnavigate the city. To look at the route it seems we’re not really going far, but this one is an adventure to be sure. Circumnavigation of Baltimore is a 103 mile sampler of our region.

We start in Fells Point’s historic waterfront, then down to Curtis Bay’s rough shipping area, west to Ellicott City and Patapsco State Park, circling north to Lake Liberty, Soldiers Delight and up to old Reisterstown where we stop for brunch. After filling up, we continue north into the horse country of Sparks, coming over the top of our circle in Monkton and getting into the sandy farmland south of Bel Air. We begin crossing tributaries of the Chesapeake in Middle River before heading back into town.

This is a harder ride than M2M, so be sure you’re prepared in body and bike. As with all Rambles, we stop for rests and regrouping at the 25 and 75 mile points and a longer lunch at the halfway mark. Since we are on a big circle, there are no easy shortcuts for this route, but you are never too far from home if you need to call for help.


  • Date/Time- Sunday, June 2nd 7:45 meet up. 8AM push off
  • Start- Fells Point Broadway Square MAP
  • Cue sheet- CircumnavB’more
  • GPS files/Map- CircumnavMap
  • 103.5 miles. 6075′ of climbing.
  • Ride reports: BikesN Coffee 2011 

    Questions? Concerns? Please ask.


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12 Responses to Back around to where we started

  1. PJ Duhig says:

    Great day yesterday. Thank you all. Link to a few pictures:

  2. randoramble says:

    Pedro, PJ and I slogged into Fells Pt around 5PM. Great ride, but we were all tired. Wonderful seeing/riding with y’all. Pics, report, etc. to come. Rest well. -B

  3. Jeff says:

    Hope the intrepid few left after lunch made it back safely. Thanks for a great ride. Sorry couldn’t make the 2nd half.

  4. Charlie says:

    Had to bail @ mile 40, stayed on Old Court. My legs weren’t strong(fast) enough to make it to lunch stop and still make the party on time. Nice riding w/ you guys. Hope to see you next month.

  5. Jon BALER says:

    Don’t think I will make it. Long, hot day on the roads and in the sun today. Rode down and back to Tour de Fat in DC. going to shoot for mountain biking.

  6. Brian says:

    Don’t think I can make the whole ride, but will try to do the first 30 miles or so.

  7. jon says:

    Planning to meet you in Ellicott City. You’ll be going within a 1/4 mile of my house, if anyone needs anything during the ride.

  8. randoramble says:

    I’ll be at Daily Grind in Fells Pt. a little after 7AM if anyone wants to join.

  9. Charlie says:

    Hey folks: Mike is missing his first Ramble this year, bummer. I am in but will peel at some point. My sisters 50th b-day party. Not certain of the party time. It’s in Towson so the ride is set perfect for a mid-afternoon peel. I should make Reisterstown at least, probably the 83 corridor.

  10. randoramble says:

    Ken, love that Jericho bridge, but I’ve got that stretch on a couple other rides.
    Mike, you’re a dedicated Rambler for sure. well done.

  11. Mike H says:

    Given the beautiful day and my traveling next weekend, I opted for the ride a week early. It was a great ride even though I did manage to get a little turned around in Baltimore City. Good choice to re-route around the hospital.

  12. Ken says:

    Bob, Love this ride. Being a tourist at home. I will do my best to make it.
    Btw, Around mile 83 great covered bridge on Jericho rd then ride next to river. Take sunshine over if your interested.

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