Climbing to New Windsor


Llamas look on during ISO Liberty 2011

I’ve got at least 20 Ramble century routes to pick from now, but I still find myself drawing a blank on what to schedule for upcoming rides. It’s a good thing though.  It gives me the impulse to make up new rides. I’ve recently been using a fun tool called GPS Visualizer. It allows me to overlay several GPS tracks so I can see how much overlap there is from one ride to another in a particular area. For this Ramble, I overlayed two rides I didn’t really like much (ISO Liberty & Taneytown Intercept) picking the best sections of each. I then overlayed that route with three rides I do still like (Pancake Intercept, Four Reservoirs and Gettysburg) tweaking it to avoid some of the roads from those rides. Voila, new route: The New Windsor Spring Fling

This one spends all of it’s time in Baltimore and Carroll counties making it a hilly one. But hey, now’s the time of year for the big rides. And, when was the last time you saw a cue sheet with all these animal names on it: Dogwood, Buffalo,  Hawks Hill, Deer Park and Thoroughbred lane? Pretty cool, eh?

• Date: Sunday, July 7th. 7:50 meetup. 8:10 push off.
• Start: Rawlings Conservatory at Druid Hill/MD Zoo  MAP
• Cue Sheet: New Windsor Spring Fling CUE SHEET
• Map/GPS files: New Windsor MAP/GPS
• Ride Report: the closest thing to this ride is ISO Liberty 2011 RIDE REPORT


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3 Responses to Climbing to New Windsor

  1. randoramble says:

    Tom, The first cue is onto Gwynns Falls PARKWAY (a road), not Gwynns Falls trail.
    It’s up by Mondawmin Mall. Also, be sure you’re working with the Taneytown ride (see the newest Ramble post) and not New Windsor. See you on Sunday.

  2. Tom J Fedewa says:

    Looking at the cue sheet for 7/7 ride wouldn’t the ride start be carroll park?

  3. Andy Hanson says:


    Yes, and more than a few roads with the words “Hill” or “Mill” in the name to boot. (Usually denotes some elevation changes are forthcoming!)

    I’ll see what the missus is up to that weekend and mebbe we’ll make the drive down to join yiz.


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 17:15:21 +0000 To:

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