SCRATCH New Windsor. ADD Taneytown.

Earlier this week I called the New Windsor Inn to confirm their hours for Sunday and found out that they are no more. Alas. Not sure why they closed. I always liked their slightly grubby, but very friendly atmosphere.

Ben, Janet and Isaias at the New Windsor Inn. 2010 In Search of Liberty ride.

Ben, Janet and Isaias at the New Windsor Inn. 2010 In Search of Liberty ride.

My first response was to insert Four Reservoirs Tour instead. But after riding the Circumnavigation ride last month, I had a yearning to get outa town- to really go somewhere. So I modified my Taneytown BBC picnic ride from a few years back and have come up with a good one. The new route (no name yet) is an adventurous and scenic route with lotsa climbing, 110 miles, woods, farms, streams and a few dirt road sections. It’s nearly all roads that I’ve been on many times in the past, however, there are a couple parts I haven’t ridden which adds some risk of error/confusion to the cue. No worries if you’ve got the GPS track or a map on your phone.

The lunch spot I picked is Gunners Grill. I haven’t eaten there, but they’ve got a wide range of foods, decent prices and lots of beer. Ready? See ya Sunday.

• Date: Sunday, July 7th. 7:50 meetup. 8:10 push off.
• Start: Rawlings Conservatory at Druid Hill/MD Zoo  MAP
• Cue Sheet: The Taneytown Substitute CUE SHEET
• Map/GPS files: Taneytown MAP/GPS


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5 Responses to SCRATCH New Windsor. ADD Taneytown.

  1. PJ Duhig says:

    Had a fantastic time riding with all of you Sunday. A few pictures:

  2. Charlie says:

    Hey guys: I was hoping to make it but decided against. Crazy busy wknd has already taken its toll. Enjoy, be safe STAY COOL. I’ll try to catch the next one.


  3. randoramble says:

    Andy, Rita,

    The bikes at G’burg are the way to go. A car would be a nightmare. I’m imagining yellow lycra and grey linen mingling on the battlefield, horses and carbon fiber. I like it. I wish I had the energy, but it’s not to be. Enjoy the day and put a bloody bandage around your knee for me. We’ll get up to you or get you down to us soon enough. Best.

  4. Andy Hanson says:


    Change of plans on our part too. Somebody at last Wednesday night’s ride floated the idea of riding over to the Gettysbury battlefield next weekend to watch one of the battle reenactments. They are having them at 11 AM every day from July 4 – July 7th to commemorate the 150th anniversary. This will be an extra big deal this year. Thousands of soldiers and hundreds of horses all playing army at the same time. (We’ve never been to one of these although we live about 30 miles from G-burg.)

    We’ll avoid the excruciating process of driving cars to and from and turn it into a bike ride instead. Meeting at Clair’s Restaurant on Grandview in Hanover at 8 AM, then riding over, spectate, and ride back a different route. Haven’t finalized the route or even the day yet, but it’s looking like July 5 or 6 would work best. Of course Rita and I will be doing the detailed planning (i.e. telling people what to do. They seem to need that direction.) So that’s gonna be our primary fun focus for the weekend. If you’re up for doing TWO rides in one weekend let me know and I’ll include you on the final plans.


    Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 00:08:36 +0000 To:

  5. Tom J Fedewa says:

    Sounds good, Bob!

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