The Old Roads dirt ride

7587643356_9b9513bb34_hLast Monday, I gave a the beginning and end of Old Roads a test ride. It was great to be back on the Kogswell- big fat Hetre tires clamoring up and stumbling down these steep grades. A good climber. I worry about it’s engine though.

Anyway, I like the switch to a Manchester, MD start with a Glen Rock, PA lunch. Meet up for Old Roads is here: (park near the senior center by the auto parts store) 9AM meet up and 9:10 exit. Sunday, 9/29

Cue sheets are here:
74 miler:
54 miler:

Route links:

Print a cue sheet, import the Garmin gps file or email me and I’ll help.

A few notes on the ride:
It’s steep, hard riding, rugged and beautiful. You’ll need a minimum of 28mm tires, 32-35s are better. You could be okay on a mountain bike, but you’ll want tire pressures above 50lbs and a non-suspension fork. Bring ample water. There will be a big variety of surfaces- loose and gravelly, to hard and rocky. The downhills can be as much work as the ups.

Ask questions if you got ’em.


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9 Responses to The Old Roads dirt ride

  1. Ken says:

    Bob amazing ride. Anyone who missed it missed out. I had no idea we had so many dirt and gravel roads this close to home, big smiles all around. And what a workout 7 plus hours arms, legs and core.

  2. PJ Duhig says:

    Now that was a hard ride. Truly thrilling, though. I don’t want to think how long it took you to put that route together. Much appreciated. Thank you, Bob. I’ll have to do a proper write up later after it all sinks in.

  3. randoramble says:

    Carl. Hope to see you tomorrow. regarding the start location: the link on BBC and above is pretty accurate. maybe take a look in satellite view? just go north on rt.30, make a left at Brodbeck and park. (there’s a walmart, a BK and a radioshack there) comment again if you’re still having problems with it.

    • carl says:

      Bob, I abstained from riding today & instead checked out the Ellicott city fall music festival. So, I’m planning on meeting / being @ the North Carroll Plaza shopping center @ Brodbeck & rt 30, Stoked & ready 2 ride @ 9am !

  4. Mike H says:

    I put some Jack Browns 33.33333 on the ‘roll. We’ll see how they ride in preparation for a Fondeaux.

  5. Carl says:

    Hey Bob,
    Not sure if I will make it , depending upon how many miles I ride on Sat. (or be able to find the ride start, as there is no exact start location given on the BBC ride schedule or your blog / link ????

  6. Rod Bruckdorfer says:


    I installed my 42 mm X 650B Hetre tires tubeless. They are even more supple without inner tubes and according to Stan’s 16% faster because of the lack of inner tube to tire friction.


  7. randoramble says:

    Skinny road tires would be terrible on this ride. 28mm tires might handle most of it, but there are some loose gravelly spots where even those tires would get squirrelly. Best is a cyclocross or other bike in between a MTB and a road bike. A hybrid, an old non-suspension mountain bike, or an old steel road bike with room for 35s.

    Most of what we’re on is like the NCR, but with huge climbs.

  8. Ken says:

    Bob are we talking NRC trail kind of gravel or big make a flat on skinny road bike gravel.

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