Eatin’ to Ride and Ridin’ to Eat.

Always smiles at the beginning. (thanks for the pic, Dave)

PJ, Ken, Mike and Bob on the Grand Fondue (photo by D. Hopkins,

Last month, the Frederick Grand Fondue lived up to its reputation: huge climbs, amazing scenic views, great organizing and wonderful food. Thanks Bike Doctor, job well-done.

Now on to the next food event: this Sunday’s Pancake Interception. Baltimore to Union Bridge for pancakes (and biscuits, gravy, french toast, eggs, muffins, coffee, OJ …etc.)

The Pancake Interception will wind its way through beautiful Baltimore and Carroll county’s woodlands, currently radiating with vibrant color. This is a hilly ride, but I’ve shortened it a bit to 96 miles. We’ll maintain a steady, easy pace with stops every 25 miles. There are five short sections of this route on unpaved roads. All of these are passable on skinny tires, but would be more comfortable on 28mm’s and wider. Below, I have two cue sheets, one for the standard ride and the other with detours around the gravel parts. Pick which you like and print it out. Sundown is before 5PM, so the next few rambles take off at 7:30AM. IMPORTANT: Bring $7 cash for your breakfast in Union Bridge. Bring lights for your bike and appropriate clothing for the season. I hope to see ya on Sunday.

Ride Details:
Start: Mt. Washington Starbucks HERE
Time: 7:15 meet up. 7:30AM push off
Cue Sheets: Pancake Cue  OR  Paved Detours Cue
Map/GPS files: Pancake Map  OR Paved Detours Map

Questions, concerns? Do ask.


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One Response to Eatin’ to Ride and Ridin’ to Eat.

  1. randoramble says:

    I’m expecting to see a good size group of riders at Starbucks tomorrow. (BTW, they open at 6AM if you want to get there early and chill out with your joe). They say we’ll have high temps in the 50’s tomorrow, but it’ll be cloudy in the morning and I doubt we’ll see that till the afternoon. It is expected to be very windy and we’ll be heading into it to get to Union Bridge. I suggest you worry more about protecting your head, hands and feet. Your core will heat up quick enough when we get to bigger climbs in the county. Luckily this route is very sheltered with trees, but it’s also nice to get a little relief by riding in a group.

    PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR: the winter ride to DC, “Good Craic” is scheduled for Dec. 8th.

    Jeez, I’m really getting fat riding these rides. 😉 See ya in the AM -Bob

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