Good Craic! (weather permitting)

Matthew Henson from Nat'l Geographic photo

Matthew Henson and sledging team, 1909 (Nat’l Geographic photo)

I was excited to see snow this weekend. Snow is always welcome in my little world. The small amount of hassle it causes is more than made up in it’s ability to create adventure. I always enjoyed reading Arctic Exploration stories when I was young and I suppose I relive that boyish age when I am stomping through the slush, feeling the sting of sleet on my face and, in the case of last Sunday, pushing my bike through the sloppy, sticky, wet snow.

This Sunday’s Ramble is, Good Craic: a ride from Baltimore to DC for Guinness and Boxty. We begin at Carroll Park and use a very different route than is taken during Monument to Monument. From our start, we head west over top of Columbia and down to DC via the Matthew Henson trail, Rock Creek park trail and wandering, car-free Beech ave. We’ll head south on 14th street and stop at Fado, an Irish pub in the Chinatown neighborhood. After lunch, we head home on the NW and Paint Branch trails, passing BWI and coming up into Baltimore from the SE. There is not a lot of climbing, but there are 103 miles and not much daylight to do it in. So, we should push our pace as much as we can. You need to bring lights and proper clothing for winter riding. Also, bring $ for eats and a lock for lunch time.

IF … there is still snow on the DC trails then I might need to pick a different route. I’ll post word here if there are any changes.

Date/Time: Sunday, Dec. 15th, meet up at 7:15AM, push off promptly at 7:30AM
Start: Carroll Park HERE
Cue Sheet: GOOD CRAIC CUE  (print your own or email me & I’ll bring a copy)
Map/GPS: MAPGOODCRAIC  (click export in upper right for GPS files)

This is a fun Ramble route and I encourage newcomers to come on out for it. However, please be aware of the distance and the weather and be sure you are capable of self sufficiently completing it. Ask questions, if you are unsure. Hope to see ya Sunday.



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7 Responses to Good Craic! (weather permitting)

  1. randoramble says:

    Here’s the scoop: I will be at Carroll Park on Sunday at 7:15 regardless.

    I spent a while putting together a new route that bypasses all of the DC bike trails. The trails are going to be a mess so we’ll have to go road. I’ll post the new cue sheet tomorrow morning. Actually, Sunday is looking to be a decent day for riding. We’ll just have to see what Saturday night brings.

  2. Max says:

    Supposed to be more “wintry mix”/rain on Saturday, with temps Saturday night and early Sunday morning well below freezing. 😦

  3. randoramble says:

    to all Craic riders: Bring a lock. We’ll be out of sight of the bikes during lunchtime.

  4. randoramble says:

    heal up good and heal up quick, Harry

  5. Tom J Fedewa says:

    Wish I could attend. Barcelona and Madrid will have to do.

  6. wheels2heels says:

    I would love to RAMBLE, but off bike for 6 to 8 weeks. Ride a few miles for me boys-and girls. Looking forward to a t least a couple Rambles in 2014.

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