Never a bad day to ride!

Straight off, I’m excited to ride tomorrow.

I will be at Carroll Park at 7:15AM. I don’t know what the roads will look like, but I’m ready to find out. Whatever the conditions are, I feel confident that they will improve as the day unfolds. I expect, that by noon I’ll be happy to have taken off at 7:30.

We’ve got a new all-road version of the route. (see details below) Unfortunately, we’ll have to omit the Matthew Henson trail this year. I think Peary’s dogs and sledges would move better on the trails currently:

DC bike trail conditions

DC bike trail conditions- Custis trail/bridge

Here are the NEW DETAILS:
Start: Carroll Park 7:15AM meet-up. 7:30 push-off

Print yourself a new cue sheet. I will bring some extras tomorrow.
See y’all in the morning.


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5 Responses to Never a bad day to ride!

  1. randoramble says:

    We hope to get you on a future ride, Lisa.

  2. Lisa May says:

    Sadly, I was unavoidably detained this morning. I do plan to join you for a future ride though!

  3. Mike says:

    I’d like to join as well. Strong B with a few long rides this year. Would not mind pushing a bit to make it in before dark but will bring lights.

  4. randoramble says:

    All of the Ramble rides are open to any riders. Pace is 13-15 and I’d expect 5-8 riders tomorrow.

  5. L May says:

    Is the ride open to anyone? RSVP required? What’s the pace? Just want to be sure I don’t end up driving from DC to Baltimore and riding alone for 100+. I’m a solid B rider, with a serious lack of consistency in my pace. And I love an adventure! Since there is actual lunch on the route, I’m guessing we’ll get along just fine

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