Riding a bike to DC, Chesapeake Beach, or Gettysburg

The Monument to Monument ride is a great time: ride from your home city to a neighboring city under your own power and be back home in time for dinner and a beer.

BUT, it’s not the only ride like that. Next month on June 8th, I’ve scheduled the ride to Chesapeake Beach. The first time I rode it, I’d never even been to Chesapeake Beach. I just wanted to see what it was like down there and I knew I could get there on my bike. After many years of improvements, the ride to Ches Beach is perhaps the 2nd most popular Ramble. And, in July, we’ll ride a long one to see the battlefields of Gettysburg, another destination I’d never been to until I tried it on my bike. It’s really amazing how far you can go when you spend a whole day on your bike. Look at the ride reports section for all the places we’ve been before. Hope to see you on a future single-day bike adventure.


  • a bike lock is generally not needed. there will be many riders to guard your bike
  • if you have a bike bell, bring it. we’ll be riding many miles on the DC trail system
  • print yourself a cue sheet. see the links in the previous post
  • bring a ziplock baggy to store things in case of rain or excessive sweat
  • if you’re tweeting, instagraming, etc. use #bikem2m



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5 Responses to Riding a bike to DC, Chesapeake Beach, or Gettysburg

  1. randoramble says:

    several years ago I was riding and developing a route between Balt/Annap/DC called the 3 Cities Century. I dropped the ride for two reasons: the stretch between DC and Annap is quite rough (do-able, but not fun IMO), and there are not many options between DC and Balt that are not along the current M2M route (I try my best to avoid repeating ride sections). Best.

    • Deane Nettles says:

      Thanks — looking at the map, it looks like Central Avenue is a big hunk of the ride unless I want to make it the Baltimore > DC > Annapolis double century. And maybe that’s the way to do it; Baltimore to Sugarloaf and down through White’s Ferry and the bike trail to Alexandria and stay the night, then through Chesapeake MD and up to Baltimore. 🙂

  2. Deane Nettles says:

    Have you ever done Baltimore > DC > Annapolis > Baltimore?

  3. randoramble says:

    Super glad you had a good time riding to DC. A great group and great weather.
    The Chesapeake Beach ride has about 4500′ of climbing.
    (M2M was about 3500)

  4. Christina says:

    Had a great time on the ride on Sunday, Bob. Any guesstimate on the elevation gain on the Chesapeake Ride next month? You plan such great rides – thanks for what you do.

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