All the way to Calvert county

This Sunday, June 8th, the Baltimore Bike Club Ramble rides to Chesapeake Beach all the way down in Calvert county.

This ride can give you whatever you’re looking for- speed on flats, great water views, a great first attempt at a century, a fixed gear/single speed ride. There are a few hills, but not many. There are some beautiful farms, forest and views of the bay. If you’re not riding one of the numerous other rides the same day, come on out.

• the 120 mile ride will start from Carroll Park at 7AM. We ride to BWI to meet with …
• the 100 mile riders starting from BWI Dixon Observatory at 8AM
• Map/Metrics/GPS files: ChesBchRte
• Cue Sheet: ChesBeachRouteCueSheet
(Do NOT use the RideWithGPS pdf cuesheet- use the one linked above)



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