About time to get ridin’

How ya’ been, Ramblers? It’s been a while.
Our next ride will be a long summer trip up to the Gettysburg battlefields.

Jack and Brian at Little Round Top 2012

Jack and Brian at Little Round Top 2012

Route: The Gettysburg Campaign. 131 mi, 6500 ft. of climbing
Date/Time: Sunday, July 20th. 7:20AM meet up, 7:40AM push off.
Start: Rawlings Conservatory/Druid Hill STARTMAP
Route Map (click EXPORT for GPS files): ROUTEMAP
Cue Sheet (print one, or ask me to bring you one): CUESHEET

This is a long route. Not too climby, but you will need to be prepared for many hours in the saddle. Take care of any fit issues on your bike. Sunscreen, sunglasses and ample water is a must. We will be riding up to 30 miles between breaks. Moving steadily and conservatively will get you home without issue.

The Gettysburg Campaign is a beautiful, flowing route; a delightful way to tour the battlefields on bike. We stop and regroup every 30 miles and take a respectable lunch. There are several places to eat downtown. I will be at Garryowen Pub.

If you are not interested in the full 130 up to Gettysburg, I’ve made a nice alternate 100 miler here: GettysburgSHORT  …   CUESHEETSHORTVERSION. This short version bypasses G’burg to the southeast. The first and last rest stops are the same as the 130.

Questions? Worries? Tell me about it.



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3 Responses to About time to get ridin’

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  2. Pat O'Neill says:

    Hi Bob,

    Really looking forward to the ride tomorrow. I’ve got a last-minute favor to ask though– could I borrow a cue sheet from you? I just found out that my printer is down.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Tom Moore says:

    Bob: if you are thinking about doing Monument -Monument soon: Brock Bridge rd is closed douth of MD 198 for sewer construction.

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