Donkey Rides 25¢

Visit the Donkey? Check. Thank you to Sam, PJ, Andrew, Dave, David, Tom, Ben, Mike and Andy for keeping me company on a nice ride up through Baltimore and Adams counties.


Sam, PJ and David along Harris Mill rd.

The trees kept some of their colorful leaves available for us to enjoy. We had some beautiful wooded stretches of riding on Harris Mill and Deer Creek on the way up and Millers Mill and Duncan Hill on the way back. The weather was manageably cold for this hilly ride. And the day wouldn’t have happened without the kind hospitality of Andy and Rita at our lunch stop. (Thank you both, again). After lunch, Andy rode out with me and new rambler, David. He escorted us to Rayville rd and peeled off. Even with a long lunch we made it home by sundown.


The Soma resting at Hanson farm.

Next ride is December 7th going Baltimore to Annapolis. It’ll be a bit like Point to Point and a bit like On Again Off Again. We’ll use the B&A trail as a source to jump on and off of, while we jaunt off to catch views of the bay. this one is 95 miles and half as much climbing (3300ft) as last month. I’ll put up cue sheets and maps in a separate post.


Oliver endures Bob’s strange attentions

Happy Thanksgiving.   -Bob

More pics from the day by PJ:
More pics of mine:


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One Response to Donkey Rides 25¢

  1. bonnev659 says:

    amazing. you are so lucky you can bike. the thruway i bike over and under is closed…. looks like i will wait to bike for another day

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