Pics of the Points and February rambling

Next Ramble will be on February 1st. A 92 miler to Havre de Grace. (more info below)

A big thanks to my January riding companions, PJ and Tom. We left Baltimore not exactly sure what the weather would bring us. The air was saturated with moisture, but somehow it never unloaded it’s rain on us. The heavy cloud cover made me wonder whether I’d see anything at all at the vista points. Surprisingly, we were given a great show of mysterious and moody water views and occasional glowing skies from the sun beyond. Temps were quite reasonable and other than one early flat, we had a pleasant trip.

from Rocky Point looking south towards Cuckolds Point.

from Rocky Point looking south towards Cuckolds Point.

Tom decided to ride his first century on a fixed gear bike. I was on my fixed gear Surly. Feeling challenged, PJ decided to ride the whole route without shifting gears. Derailleurs? Who needs ’em! We enjoyed a nice 2-beer lunch at Carsons Creekside and decided to take a shortcut home. The three of us stayed together all the way back to Fells Point making it back before dark and still getting in about 85 miles each. A good day of riding.


Tom and PJ heading into North Point State park.

many more pics here:

Our next Ramble will be February 1st: Lake Montebello to Havre de Grace in 92 miles. This one is a new route created by combining Charm and Grace and the Pylesville Winter Warmer. I’d like to get us all back before dark (and before Super Bowl craziness), so I will start this one at 7:30AM. Apologies to those riding in from outside of town. If you need it, there is easy parking at the start.

The cue sheet still needs a lot of work and I’ve got at least one spot I need to check out by bike. I’ll make a new post with links and details as soon as I can.

Hoping for good weather. See you on the 1st.    -Bob



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4 Responses to Pics of the Points and February rambling

  1. sac says:

    I plan to ride on 1 Feb, but right now the forecast says the HIGH will be 24. That’s still a week out, so I hope the forecast is wrong but I’m not sure I’m up to riding all day in the 20s.

  2. tom fedewa says:

    Thanks Bob! Like the ominous sky look to many of the pictures. Table picture of all the gear is neat.

  3. Mike H says:

    I’ll miss the Feb ride. I’m off to Richmond for a gathering that weekend.

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