Spring Break-out

We had 7 riders on the “Not Quite to Frederick” ride this last Sunday.

David zooms down one of the big rollers on Frederick rd

David zooms down one of the big rollers on Frederick rd

It was a not-too-chilly start which improved into a beautiful sunny afternoon. The first half of this simple route though, is a tough workout. From Baltimore, we climb almost 2500ft. in a little over 30 miles to get to Mt. Airy. Add to that 15mph headwind and you see how tough it is. I struggled along, out of shape, on my heavy studded-tire winter bike, telling myself that this was exactly what I needed to build fitness for upcoming longer, steeper Spring rides. I enjoyed the whole day.

We all reached the Mt. Airy Inn for various tasty foods and beers and were back on the road headed east by early afternoon. The beginning miles home were hard after the long lunch break, but once past Lisbon the downs get bigger than the ups, and with wind at our backs, the trip back to Ellicott City was quicker than I expected.

Since the trolley trail was not passable, we had to grind our way up the steep hills in Oella. Our approach into Baltimore brought 2 mechanical issues- Dave’s fender rolled into his rear brake and I busted a spoke. Both were managed without too much issue. 

I think all of us on this ride were happy to get out of the house and stretch out on a long ride in the country and this fit the bill. Bikeable weather has been hard to come by this winter. I’m glad we were able to jump on this one. A few more pics of the day HERE

Next month (4/12) we’re making another attempt to ride up to Union Bridge Firehouse for their last scheduled public breakfast. This is a super fun route with 5 or 10 miles of beautiful unpaved roads. If you haven’t been riding, you better get at it. This next one is hilly. Also, Monument to Monument is coming up quick: I’ll pick a date soon, but it’ll be 1st or 2nd Sunday in May.

See ya!


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3 Responses to Spring Break-out

  1. tom fedewa says:

    Good post on the day. Thanks, Bob!

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  3. David says:

    Bob, thanks for leading such fun ride with delicious food.

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