A Hundred Miles of Fun

Geez, I had a great time riding up to Union Bridge last Sunday. Great roads, great friends, great weather. Thanks y’all.

Dave’s custom spoke card. Fantastic.

Thank you PJ, Sam and Tom

Thank you PJ, Sam and Tom

Serene View dr.

Serene View dr.

Thank you Dan and Vinny

Thank you Dan and Vinny

Beautiful John Owings dr.

Beautiful John Owings dr.

Thank you, Dave and Tom (and Andrew)

Thank you, Dave and John and Andrew (around the bend)

more of my pics here: Pancake Pics
definitely, check out Dave’s BikesNCoffee ride report HERE


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5 Responses to A Hundred Miles of Fun

  1. tom fedewa says:

    Bummer I missed dinner and beer. PJ went home and I wasn’t sure how much further down falls road to ride start. Was by light rail stop, so I boarded for home.

  2. ldmay2014 says:

    So it turns out my important appointment Saturday stood me up and I Could have ridden w you guys. I keep lurking but someday I will show up and ride.

  3. bikesncoffee says:

    Not to start an endless comment loop, but thanks for a great day on the bike Sunday!

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