Ride on the On Again/Off Again ride again

The On Again/Off Again ride is one of the earliest rambles. I rode the first version of it seven years ago. It uses the NCR/Heritage rail trail for half of it and uses the surrounding steep terrain on either side of those trails for the other half. It’s a ride of extremes. During the early years of the ride, I thought a lot about it and changed a lot about it. It has since settled in to a stable route that I don’t think needs changing. This ride is not a replacement as much as an alternate.

Mike and Tom on the trail in 2014

Mike and Tom on the trail in 2014

It is on July 4th, a rare Saturday Ramble. Start time will be early again, 7AM, to avoid some traffic. We’ll be mostly on smaller roads so we shouldn’t see many cars. We start at a new place: Meadowood Park (Falls rd, just north of the beltway). From here we ride roads to the trail in Sparks. We take the trails and roads north to Glen Rock, then turn around and stop in New Freedom for a lunch and a beer at Seven Sports Bar & Grill. South from there on roads and trail back to Hunt Valley, thru Lutherville and back to our start.

For the trail, you’ll want wide tires and for the roads, narrow. A comfortable, sturdy bike with tires around 28-32mm would be ideal. There are some tough climbs on this ride. You’ll need low gears and/or strong legs. 2 quick rest stops in Monkton for bathroom and water break. I’m hoping to be back by mid afternoon.


  • On/Off Shortie 85 mi., 4800ft.
  • Date/Time: Saturday July 4th 6:50AM meet-up. 7:05 exit
  • Start: Meadowood Regional Park STARTMAP
  • Route Map (click EXPORT for GPS files): ROUTEMAP
  • Cue Sheet (print one, or ask me to bring an extra): CUESHEET



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One Response to Ride on the On Again/Off Again ride again

  1. Thanks, but I’ll be in OCMD!

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